University of Exeter Psychology of Media Resources

The Psychology of Media is led by Dr Brian Young


There are various journals available in both advertising psychology and the psychology of media. I have tried to provide a fairly complete listing below with their electronic availability on either BIDS or PsycLIT. Remember that you can only browse through the titles of papers on BIDS but you can read abstracts of papers on PsycLIT.

Handy Hint (#1)

On PsycLIT (CD-ROM), if the command cc=2750 in the FIND mode is used this will give many articles in the Psychology of the Mass Media - at the last count there were 585 articles found from 1 January 1987 to November 1994 and 410 books or book chapters.

Relevant journals in advertising psychology

                                     PsycLIT  BIDS     Lib
Advances in Consumer Research           -       +
International Journal of Marketing      -       -
Journal of Advertising                  +       +
Journal of Advertising Research         +       +       +
Journal of Consumer Research            +       +       +
Journal of Consumer Psychology          +       ?
Psychology and Marketing                +       -
Current Issues and Research             -       -
in Advertising
Journal of Marketing                    +       +
Journal of Marketing Research           +       +
International Journal of Advertising                    +
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Books on advertising psychology

Relevant journals and annuals in media psychology

                                     PsycLIT  BIDS     Lib
Human Communication Research            +       +       -
Journal of Communication                +       +       -
Communication Research                  +       +       +
Journal of Broadcasting
& Electronic Media                      +       +       -
Communication Yearbook                  +       -       +
Journal of Broadcasting                 -       -       -
Television Quarterly                    -       -       -
Critical Studies in
Mass Communication                      -       +       -
Media, Culture & Society                -       -       +
Public Opinion Quarterly                +       +       +

Books on media psychology

These books are only a selection - there is no set text for the course. I shall distribute a collection of articles to each student and a charge will be made to cover photocopying costs.

Course content

The course is divided into two main parts dealing with the psychology of advertising and the psychology of television. Other areas could have been covered but these two reflect my main research interests. The first meeting consists of an introduction to media, looking at media in the context of society as a whole. The last meeting is a general evaluation and summary of the course.

Here is a more detailed outline of the course. Note that there are several articles listed for each week. You will have a copy of each article and I will expect you to have read them before you come to the seminar. Be prepared to give your opinion in class on various questions based on the reading you have done.

January 17 Introduction.

January 24 Advertising psychology I.

January 31 Advertising psychology II.

February 7 Children and advertising.

February 14 Psychology of Television: General.

February 21 Reading week.

February 28 Psychology of Television: Children and Television.

March 6 Psychology of Television: Effects (violence).

March 13 General evaluation, summary, and discussion of course.

Course assessment

By examination and essay (see handbook). The essay title for this year is: What makes the news newsworthy?