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Career details

Feb 2014 -                          Head of Academic Support

July 2012 -    Jan 2014       Assistant Director (Academic Services) E-Library Strategy

August 2009 –July 2012    Library – Forum Project Director (seconded)

July 2007-                          Assistant Director (Academic Services), Collections and Research Support, University of Exeter.

June 2005-June 2007        Acting University Librarian , University of Exeter.

1997-2005                         Deputy Librarian, University of Exeter Library.

1997-2002                         Sub-Librarian (Resources) in charge of the School of Education Library (now St Luke's Campus Library), University of Exeter and with responsibility for Administration, Personnel and Information Technology applications at the University of Exeter Library as Deputy Librarian.

1992-1997                         Librarian of the St Luke's Campus Library, University of Exeter.

1989-1992                         Assistant Librarian Readers' Services, University of Exeter Main Library.

1980-1989                         Senior Library Assistant Readers' Services, University of Exeter Main Library.

Professional qualifications

  • B.A. (Hons) in Economic & Social History, University of Exeter 1975-78

(awarded Departmental prize 1978)

  • M.A. in Information Studies, University of Sheffield 1979-80
  • Library Association charter (A.L.A.) 1981

National Offices/roles

·         Past Chair (1996-98) of Librarians of Institutes and Schools of Education (LISE)

·         Expert panel member (2006): JISC/Research Information Network (RIN): Discovery services: user behaviour, perceptions and needs

·         Outstanding Reviewer at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009.

Recent publications

2009          Myhill, M, Shoebridge, M. and Snook, L (2009). Virtual Research Environments – a Web 2.0 cookbook? Library HiTech Journal 27 (2). 228-238.


2007          Myhill, M. (2007) Canute rules the waves? Hope for e-library tools facing the challenge of the ‘Google Generation’. Program 41 (1).  5-19.

2006          Myhill, M. (2006) House of Commons Parliamentary Papers online (HCPP) - 19th Century - a review The Charleston ADVISOR 7 (4). 23.


2005          Myhill, M. (2005) A MAP for the library portal: through the labyrinth of online information sources Online Information Review 29 (1). 5-17.

Myhill, M. (2005) Google Scholar - a review The Charleston ADVISOR 6 (4). 49-52

Myhill, M (2005) Just what I wanted! The perfect Christmas gift - Google scholar - or is it? SCONUL FOCUS (34). 42-43.

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2004          Myhill, M. (2004) Snakes and Ladders: towards a post-maturity evaluation index of integrated library system ownership Program 38 (3). 110-119.

2000          Myhill, M. (2000) Time for change. A personal insight into library systems' implementation: experiences at Exeter University Library. Program 34 (1). 89-101.

Correspondent for JISC 5/99 British Education Portal

1998          Myhill, M. (1998) Smartcards in libraries: a brave new world. The Electronic Library 16 (1). 17-24.

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1994          Myhill, M. (1994) 2020 - a space oddity (or where do we go from here?). Education Libraries Journal. 38 (1). 28-35.

Myhill, M and Tilsed, I. (1994) Star of the East: machine-based information sources for theologians. Theology. 97 (777). 179-187.

Myhill, M (1994) The World at your fingertips: a guide to electronic information sources relevant in Education. Exeter: LISE. 38pp

     Other:         Reviews Editor Research Papers in Education 2001-2005

List owner, Lis-LISE 1996-

Editorial Board, Program,2004 -


Book Reviews

2012           Myhill, M. Review of “Evaluating and measuring the value, use and impact of Digital Collections.”          

                   Hughes, Lorna M (ed).  London, Facet Publishing, 2012. ISBN 9781856047203

                   Program: electronic library and information systems  (0033-0337) [forthcoming]


2011          Myhill, M. Review of: "RFID for Libraries: A Practical Guide.” Pandian, M. Paul Oxford,

                  Chandos. 2010.  ISBN 9781843345459

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2011          Myhill, M. Review of: "New Approaches to E-reserve: Linking, Sharing and Streaming”

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2010          Myhill, M. Review of: "Copyright and E-learning: A Guide for Practitioners” Secker, J

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Myhill, M.  Review of "Libraries without walls 2 : the delivery of library services to distant users" : proceedings of a conference held on 17-20 September 1997 at Lesvos, Greece, organised by the Centre for Research in Library and Information Management (CERLIM), Manchester Metropolitan University / edited by Peter Brophy, Shelagh Fisher and Zöe Clarke. London : Library Association Publishing, 1998. Online and CD-Rom Review 23 (3). 190.

1995          Myhill, M.  Review of "Education and `The Times': an index of letters to 1910", edited by D. Leinster-Mackay. Mansell, 1995. Education Libraries Journal (0957-9575) 38 (2). 43.

Conferences/current interests


2008          Myhill, M. Access all Areas - Walk-in Access to e-resources in Academic Libraries Joint JISC/SWRLS/RSC-SW Conference, Taunton. 3 December.

2005          Myhill, M. and Fons, T. State of the art linking and federated search - the MAP (Millennium Access Plus) library portal development and experience Online information conference, London: Olympia. November.

2004          Myhill, M.  Portals, portals everywhere ,  MMIT Conference. London, July.

1999          Myhill, M.  Perrault revisited - the Fairy tale of library systems' migration - MICROLIB99, Lisbon. May.

1998          Myhill, M.  Integration with Europe - UC&R (SW) Seminar, UWE Bristol, July 8th.

Myhill, M.  Telematics and Education Librarians. Joint LISE/T3 conference, Utrecht. 27th February to 1st March. (organiser)

1997          Myhill, M. and Pye, J. Training the Resourcers - Librarians, Teacher-Training and Telematics in the European Context. In CAL97,Exeter. March.

1995          Myhill, M.  The Universities and the new network electronic information systems: Conference speaker at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal). 19 May. (VIDEOCONFERENCE from Exeter)

                   Myhill, M.  Two tin cans and a bit of string: Conference speaker at Edge Hill College, May 10-11.

1994           Myhill, M. Conference paper presented at International Libtech Conference, Hatfield, September.


1998          Myhill, M.  Smartcards in Libraries: the way ahead Oxford Libraries Conference, March 19th.

1996          Myhill, M.  Has Christmas come early to Exeter?  Library aspects of the introduction of smartcard technology. Exeter. 17 Dec. Seminar organiser.


2009-2010 Board member for JISC-funded project OER (Open Educational Resources)

2009          Board member for JISC-funded project CHARTER

2008          Board member for JISC-funded project DigiIslam

2007-8       Exeter lead on JISC-funded LOCKSS project

2006          Member of the management board for JISC Project (Core middleware, early adopters) SWISh

                  Attended ‘Open Scholarship’ international conference on Institutional Repositories, University of Glasgow 18-20 October

2002-2003 Member of the management board for JISC-funded DiVLE programme project Evaluation of links between VLE and Digital Libraries in a new medical school

2001-2006 University of Exeter Library INNOPAC system - coordinator and contact. (attended INNOPAC User Group Meetings:,9th INNOPAC User Group Meeting, Santa Clara, CA, May 2001, 10th INNOPAC User Group Meeting in Houston, TX, April 2002, 11th INNOPAC User Group Meeting in San Jose, CA, April 2003, 12th INNOPAC User Group Meeting in Boston, MA, April 2004, 13th INNOPAC User Group Meeting in San Francisco, CA, May 2005 and 14th INNOPAC User Group Meeting in Denver, CO, May 2006.

1996-1998 Member of the Mondex Smartcard implementation group

1992-1997 Member of the Multimedia Communications in Education Brokerage team.

1991-         Member of the University of Exeter Electronic Information Working Group.

1991-2005 Member of the University Joint Liaison Group (Information strategy).



2005-6       Library advisor to the Kuzbass State Technical University (Russian Federation) and the Siberian State Industrial University, Novokuznetsk as part of TEMPUS project KNOWLEDGE (coordinated by Alasdair Paterson, Librarian of University of Exeter with partners from the University College of Borås, Sweden), in July 2005 and gave two seminar papers at each institution on VLE issues and experiences.

2004          'Innovations in European academic libraries: Issues and contexts' (a seminar series with Alasdair Paterson) at Warsaw University of Technology Library, Poland , December 2004.

2002-3       Library advisor to the Southern Urals State University, Chelyabinsk (Russian Federation) as part of TEMPUS project E-URALS (coordinated by Alasdair Paterson, Librarian of University of Exeter with partners from the Universitat Bochum (Germany)), in September 2002 and gave a seminar presentation on the future of electronic information provision in March 2003.

1997-2000 Member of the management team, Library/IT consultant  Project AGFED. JEP TEMPUS/TACIS: Project concerning Agricultural Economics at the Bila Tserkva State Agricultural University, Ukraine. Partners are the University of Giessen, Germany and the University of Exeter. Visited in May 1999 to advise on the setting up of a Resource Centre.

1995-1999 Lead Coordinator for Project MARCO: Mongolian-based Advances in Resourcing and Curriculum Organisation. An £800,000  project run under the auspices of the European Community’s TEMPUS/TACIS programme. Partners were the University of Bielefeld, Germany and the Mongolian State Pedagogical University, Ulaanbataar. Pre-JEP awarded 1995-6. Full JEP TEMPUS/TACIS Project awarded 1997-1999. Frequent visits to Mongolia throughout 1995-1999.

1995-1998 Member of the management team, Library/IT consultant Project TARIKH JEP TEMPUS/TACIS: History teaching in Tashkent, visited December 1994 (during pre-JEP phase) and July 1996. Attended management meeting in Paris, January 1995. Partners are the Frederiksburg Seminarium, Copenhagen, Denmark, the University of Rennes II, France and the Tashkent State University, Uzbekistan.

1994- 1997 Member of the management team, Library/IT consultant: Project ISTORIYA JEP TEMPUS/TACIS: History teaching in Yaroslavl' (Conference paper on the history of the EU presented February 1995). Visits May 1994, February 1995, September 1995, July 1996 and January 1997.


1995-1998 Co-ordinator for Work Package 08 (Libraries) - Telematics Project with partners in Ghent, Utrecht, Minho (Braga), Oulu, Grenoble and Genoa.