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European Union Programmes

AIM - Informatics in Medicine

B.C.R. - Applied metrology
BRIDGE - Biotechnology
BRITE/EURAM - Industrial technologies/advanced materials

CADDIA - Data exchange for the agricultural market
COMETT II - Education and training

DELTA - Informatics in Education
DOSES - Statistics
DRIVE - Informatics in Road safety

ECLAIR - Agro-industrial technologies
EPOCH - Climatology and natural hazards
ERASMUS II - Mobility of Students
ESPRIT II - Information technologies
EURET - Transport
EUROTRA - Machine translation

FAR - Fisheries and aquaculture
FAST - Forecasting and assessment (see MONITOR)
FLAIR - Food technologies
FOREST - Forestry

IMPACT - Information Market Policy
INSIS - Interinstitutional Information System

JOULE - Non-Nuclear Energies

LINGUA - Foreign language teaching
MAST - Marine Science
MONITOR - Forecasting, analysis and evaluation

NETT - Network Environmental Technology Transfer

RACE - Telecommunications
REWARD - Waste recycling

SAST - Strategic analysis
SCIENCE - Scientific cooperation
SPEAR - Research Evaluation
SPES - Economic Science
SPRINT - Innivation and technology transfer
STAR - Telecommunications in regional development
STD - Science and Technology for developing countries
STEP - Environmental Protection
STRIDE - Science and Technology for Regional Development

TEDIS - Data interchange for commercial purposes
TELEMAN - Remote handling systems
THERMIE - New energy technologies

VALOREN - Energy potential
VALUE - Dissemination of results

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