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Welcome to John Vincent's website. This site contains information of use to students, academics and researchers interested in my research topics. John Vincent is now retired but remains an Honory Research Fellow.


Dr John A Vincent

Department of Sociology and Philosophy,

Amory Building,

University of Exeter,

Exeter EX4 4RJ

Devon. UK.

Email: JVincent@exeter.ac.uk


Current Research

I am currently working on ‘anti-ageing medicine', death and immortality and the insights they provide for the cultural construction of old age . These studies identify a crisis in understanding ‘old age' which stems from significant advances in the control and manipulation of biological ageing. Claims to the technical ability to control the human ageing process are far from new but challenging issues about the meaning of old age arise with the prospect of significantly enhanced longevity claimed by contemporary bio-gerontology. I have written journal articles, chapters and given seminars on the significance of the biologisation of old age many of which can be accessed from this page.

I have also written on the political economy of old age, including work on the myths of population crises which are also accessible from this page or elsewhere.



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(ii) Articles in refereed journals

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Other academic journal papers

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(V) Reviews


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  1. Title: New politics of old age policy
    Author(s): Vincent, JA
    Source: AGEING & SOCIETY   Volume: 26   Pages: 519-521   Part: 3   Published: MAY 2006


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