About the BSI IST/5/-/15 Panel...

IST/5/-/15 is a sub-group of the British Standard Institute's (BSI) IST/5 Languages Committee. The task of IST/5/-/15 is to track the progress of, and to offer UK input to, the ISO POSIX standardisation effort, which takes place in the ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15 group. IST/5/-/15 - the panel - reports to IST/5 and makes recommendations to IST/5 as to any UK vote which may be required during the progress of WG15 work items towards full International Standard status.

Membership of IST/5/-/15 is free to anyone with an interest in the progress of the POSIX standard. Contact the panel convener for further details.

POSIX groups meeting schedule:

David Cannon