Quarterly report of IST5/-/15 Posix
February 25, 2004

The SC22 ballot for approval of Technical Corrigendum 2 (TC2) to the Posix standard started on Jan. 14 (the document was submitted to the SC22 secretariat on Dec. 2), and runs thru to April 14. We recommend a vote in favour. IEEE approved it on Feb. 9 and the Open Group on Dec. 18, 2003. The IEEE/Open Group edition of the merged document should be published about the end of March.  ISO/IEC just wishes to publish the TC2 list of changes and not a new edition of the standard this year.

The unique total of registrations for the HTML version of the Austin Group specifications for Year 2003 was 10,416. This brings the total to around 20,000 since the standard was placed online at the end of Jan 2002.

Nick Stoughton represented the UK at the Linux Rapporteur Group meeting in Tokyo, Feb. 3-5. The meeting's final resolutions can be downloaded from the IST5 committee web site. However, I noted this paragraph in particular, which I hope will lead to broader cooperation between SC22 bodies and other standards groups in future endeavours:

"Based on the positive experience in the LSG and LRG in engaging relevant organizations outside of the traditional JTC 1/SC22 participants, the LRG recommends that SC22 prepare a contribution to JTC 1 requesting formalization of rules to permit such participation in the future."

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Goldthwaite
convenor IST5/-/15 Posix