Panel Document P393

BSI IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel

Meeting Notice and Agenda

In preparation for the Linux Study Group meeting on May 28-30, I have booked us a room for a face-to-face meeting of the panel on Monday, May 19, at BSI. I'm hoping some members of the Linux community will join us also.

The topic of discussion is to agree our national position for the LSG meeting. I think I posted some documents earlier which other nations have submitted, but if you didn't receive the zip file, please ask. The range of positions we might consider:

1. Linux is doing just fine without ISO involvement; stay away.
2. We need a new Working Group to adopt a standard for Linux.
3. SC22 should fast-track the existing [insert name] Linux standard.
4. Any work on an ISO standard for Linux should be referred to WG15 and the Austin Group, possibly with a statement of increased scope as necessary.

My own opinion leans to #4, as I think the Austin Group is a shining example of how ISO committees can work together with other standards groups to produce documents with the widest relevance to all communities (let's have a big round of applause for Andrew here!). But I have yet to be convinced that the people most deeply involved in Linux are keen on getting involved with ISO, and without their participation any ISO standard would be doomed to irrelevance. I also have some reservations about whether the current participants in WG15 would welcome extra work.

The meeting will start at 10:30 am. I hope we will be finished by lunchtime, but if we aren't the meeting can carry over into the afternoon. BSI has an excellent canteen for lunch, and there are pubs nearby if we want to continue our discussions in less formal surroundings after the meeting.

BSI headquarters is located on top of Gunnersbury Tube Station at 389 Chiswick High Road, London W4 4AL. Gunnersbury is served by the District and SilverLink lines, two stops north of Richmond.

If you come by car from the west, exit the M4 at the Chiswick Roundabout and follow the A315 about a quarter mile further east. BSI is a large white building on the right, prominently marked. You can't make a right turn into it here, so find some way to turn around and come back at it.

Parking is available if you book ahead by  calling 020 8996 7304 (it makes them happy if you call at least 48 hours early, but space is not generally a problem). They will give you a "parking reference number" which you may need to repeat back at them on entrance. (The IST/5 secretary, by the way, is named Liz Dyer -- they may ask you for this.)

In theory, you can also book your parking space by emailing, giving the following details:

           your name,
           the date of the meeting,
           the committee reference IST5/-/21,
           your expected time of arrival at BSI, and
           your car's make, model and registration number

at least two working days before the meeting. In practice, however, I haven't found them to be very responsive, so if you don't get a confirmation in return, you need to call them anyway.

The map to BSI is here: