Panel Document P392
Quarterly report of IST/5/-/15
March 11, 2003

IST5/-/15 has not met since the last IST/5 meeting, though there has been some correspondence by email.

The Technical Corrigendum to ISO/IEC 9945 (Posix) has been approved by WG15 and will be published shortly.

As of the beginning of February, the number of registrations to read the free HTML version of the specification online at the Austin Group had exceeded 10,000.

The SC22 Study Group on Linux will meet at BSI mon May 28-30. Andrew Josey, Nick Stoughton, and Lois Goldthwaite plan to attend on behalf of the UK, and Andrew has offered to make a presentation assessing Linux vs the current ISO 9945 specifications.

Discussion within the panel indicates that we think standardisation work on the system interfaces of Linux should remain within the Posix effort, to maintain compatibility with other Unix flavours. As there are already some active standards groups in the Linux community outside the ISO process (such as the Linux Standard Base effort), we are interested to see whether the Study Group will have any credibility with them.

Lois Goldthwaite
Convenor IST/5/-/15