SC22 N3161: POSIX FCD Recommendation

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 07:12:40 GMT
From: Andrew Josey <ajosey@rdg.opengroup.org>
Subject: Re: 00/644831 :  POSIX  FCD reminder ( SC22 N3161)

The POSIX panel recommendation for SC22 N3161 is as follows:

"Accept, with the comment that the Disposition of Comments from other bodies that are in the detailed change request reports being developed by the joint working group ("The Austin Group") be implemented in the final draft."

I will submit the detailed disposition if required (these are very large documents). In the interim the URLs for the latest drafts are:


The final versions are due either today or tomorrow and will have the r2.txt notations.

Please can you acknowledge receipt of this message and advise who to send the detailed Disposition of Comments  to.

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On Nov 2,  9:55am in "RE: 00/644831 :  POS", Nick Stoughton  wrote:

> The IST/5/-/15 panel will be forwarding a recommended position on the FCD
> for the revised POSIX standard ... the most complex issue is one of
> synchronization, since this is a concurrent IEEE/ISO/TOG balloting process;
> we will probably be submitting as an International comment all those
> comments received and accepted by the "Austin Group" (the development body)
> to date. This will look like a very long, negative comment! However, the UK
> is heavily involved in this project, and it is proceeding well. The position
> should probably end up as being something like "Accept, with the comment
> that the Disposition of Comments from other bodies attached below be
> implemented". Andrew Josey (chair of the Austin Group) will be forwarding
> these comments to me soon I hope!
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> Subject: 00/644831 : POSIX FCD reminder ( SC22 N3161)
> Dear all
> 00/644831
> The POSIX FCD closes in December.
> Please can I have the (recommended ) IST/5 response before the meeting
> on 12 December....
> or before if you wish to approve by email and I can get the ballot out
> of the way.
> Thankyou
> Sue
> 00-11-01
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