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UK IST/5/-/15 P384

UK Action Item Report to WG15, July, 1999

9901-08 All Member Bodies to review and Comment on N768 (LIS Techniques) by August 1. (rolled over from 9804-24) -- OPEN (comments received from all but US, remains open for US input)
(Closed.  The UK has no further comments on N768 to add to those in its report to WG15 in January.  WG15 N771 refers).

New Action items arising from the New Orleans Meeting:

9901-16: All Member Bodies -- Nominate candidates for membership in the REV Rapporteur Group
Closed.  Nick Stoughton was nominated as the REV group Lead Reapporteur at the January 1999 meeting of WG15.  The UK has no further nominations.
9901-17: All Member Bodies -- Nominate candidates for membership in the RPC Rapporteur Group
Closed. The UK nominates Nick Stoughton and Andrew Josey to the RPC group.
9901-18: All Member Bodies -- Review FCD 14651 (SC22 N2844) on sorting, and FCD 14652 (SC22 N2869) on cultural conventions (locales), and submit comments by 1 April 1999 to the WG20 Liaison (Keld).
Closed.  The UK had no comments to make on SC22 N2844 or SC22 N2869 by the April deadline.
9901-21: UK & US -- Identify resources available to progress IEEE Std 1003.23 as an ISO fast track, and recommend the appropriate course of action for progressing this document.
Closed.  The UK abstains on this issue.

Nick Stoughton, Convener
UK IST/5/-/15 (POSIX) Panel