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UK Action Item Report

to WG15, January, 1999

9804-06 All Member Bodies - Seek volunteers for the post of WG15 Convener, to run for three years from September 1998 at the latest. Applicants should have sponsorship from their employers and from their National Bodies. (Rolled over from 9705-55 and 9710-15) OPEN [See 9804-36]
Closed:  The UK POSIX Panel applauds the appointment of Mr James Oblinger to the office of WG15 Convener by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 at its September meeting, offers him its support in his endeavours, and wishes him every success in his new post.
9804-16 Member Bodies to respond to the subsetting proposal in PDISP ballot to 15287-2 (aka 1003.13) and indicate whether such subsetting should be supported in the base standard.
Closed: The UK notes that 1003.13 was given special permission to do additional subsetting which was not defined in the base document, P1003.1.
The UK sees some merit in the introduction of feature groups into the base standard, with the proviso that the base document should not itself become unreadable, or broken, or that individual elements of the API are not themselves sub-setted.
However the UK would not support the introduction of such feature groups if it were possible for a future implementation to claim conformance to the base standard where in fact it conforms only to some defined subset or profile, and therefore has less functionality than a 'full' implementation.
9804-22 All Member Bodies to identify specific issues that need to be addressed w.r.t. work in progress and co-operative development TOG/PASC/WG15 and report these to Roger Martin by May 31.
Closed: The UK is aware of discussions in the IEEE PASC Development body, The Open Group, and more recently in the joint IEEE/WG15/TOG ĎAustin Groupí meeting which propose that work in progress stays with the current development groups. The UK is also aware of discussions in the joint Procedures Committee (ProComm) and supports the joint voting model.
The UK approves what it understands to be the current intentions with respect to future co-operative development of the POSIX standard, and requests that WG15 member bodies be kept informed of progress.
9804-24 All Member Bodies to review and Comment on N768 (LIS Techniques) by August 1.
The UK apologises for failing to recognise that email '(SC22WG15.1269) LIS paper' corresponded to 'WG15 N768: LIS Techniques'.
N768 presents a number of alternative syntactical methods for Language Indepenedent Specifications, including LID, LIPC, and IDL amongst others. It does not include the current "POSIX-style" Language Independent techniques, as employed by documents such as POSIX.21 (or the original draft of POSIX.1 LIS, which is the document that sparked this paper). It would be useful to see the current POSIX style included in this discussion together with a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses.

The only recommendation made by N768 is to use section numbers to identify each API version, although it is unclear what this recommendation actually means. Although several techniques are presented, there is no discussion on which may be better or worse for any particular audience.

Without any such recommendations, the UK has no specific comments on this paper. The UK thanks Denmark for bringing forward these points, but would welcome a follow-up paper indicating which technique is planned to be used for the POSIX.1 LIS document, together with a rationale for that selection. If the choice is other than that used in other POSIX standards or drafts, the rationale should carefully explain the differences and the reason(s) for departing from this practice.

The UK further requests that WG15 offer accurate references to its future documents to avoid further misunderstandings.

9804-35 Member bodies to continue to actively seek candidates for WG15 convener, and to report these no later than the August SC22 meeting in Copenhagen.
Closed: See AI 9804-06 above.
9804-36 Member bodies to propose alternative methods for continuing and maintaining the work of WG15 if there is no convener, and to report these at the August SC22 meeting in Copenhagen. [See 9804-06]
Closed: See AI 9804-06 and 9804-35 above.
Nick Stoughton
BSI IST/5/-/15 Convener
January 1999

Revn 4:  4-Jan-1999