IST/5/-/15 P377

UK Action Items from the WG15 Meeting, April 1998

9804-06 All Member Bodies - Seek volunteers for the post of WG15 Convener, to run for three years from September 1998 at the latest. Applicants should have sponsorship from their employers and from their National Bodies. (Rolled over from 9705-55 and 9710-15) OPEN New Action items arising from the Dallas Meeting: 9804-16 Member Bodies to respond to the subsetting proposal in PDISP ballot to 15287-2 (aka 1003.13) and indicate whether such subsetting should be supported in the base standard.

9804-22 All Member Bodies to identify specific issue that need to be addressed w.r.t. work in progress and co-operative development TOG/PASC/WG15 and report these to Roger Martin by May 31.

9804-24 All Member Bodies to review and Comment on N768 (LIS Techniques) by August 1.

9804-35 Member bodies to continue to actively seek candidates for WG15 convener, and to report these no later than the August SC22 meeting in Copenhagen.

9804-36 Member bodies to propose alternative methods for continuing and maintaining the work of WG15 if there is no convener, and to report these at the August SC22 meeting in Copenhagen.