BSI IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel

Meeting Notice and Agenda

To all members of the BSI IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel:

I am writing to remind you of the next meeting of the Panel, which is scheduled to start at 10:30 a.m. on the 3-Apr-1998 at:

The Open Group Ltd
Apex Plaza
Forbury Road
Reading RG1 1AX
Apex Plaza adjoins the British Rail station in Reading.

This will be a half day meeting.

An agenda is given below; I look forward to seeing you on the 3rd!

pp Nick Stoughton
Convener, BSI IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel
IST/5/-/15's home page can be found on the 'Web at:

Schedule of future meetings:
20-24 April IEEE Posix Groups Dallas, Tx
24-25 April ISO JTC-1/SC22/WG15 Dallas, Tx
13-17 July IEEE Posix Groups San Diego, Ca
2-October IST/5/-/15 The Open Group, Reading
October ISO JTC-1/SC22/WG15 France (target)
19-23 October IEEE Posix Groups Minneapolis, Mn


The following documents are tabled for discussion:
Doc # Title Author
P349 IST/5/-/15 Agenda, 3-Apr-1998
P350 IST/5/-/15 Minutes, 10-Oct-1997
P351 Electronic Document Distribution: Reqs & Procedures JI
P352 UK Action Item Report to WG15, October 1997
P353 WG15 Actions, Cornwall, required of UK WG15
P354 IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel Report to IST/5: Dec 1997 NMS
P355 IST/5/-/15 (Posix) Panel Report to IST/5: Mar 1998 NMS
P356 POSIX Security WI Status RM
P357 SC22 N2622: Availability of Electronic Authoring Tools WCR
P358 SC22 N2647: Approval Ballot for PDAM1 to IS 14515-1 - POSIX
P359 Report of WG15 Ad-Hoc: Future of POSIX
P360 February 1998 SC22 Actions WCR
P361 SC22 N2665: JTC 1 Policy on World Wide Web Use
P362 March 1998 SC22 Actions - WG15 subset
P363 FCD 15652: Specifications for handling of the Euro
P364 NP for POSIX Additional Utilities
Authors: NMS Nick Stoughton
JI Jim Isaak
RM Roger Martin
WCR William C. Rinehuls


IST/5/-/15 (Posix Panel) Agenda, 3-Apr-1998

0. Apologies
1. Adoption of Agenda: P349
2. Approval of Minutes: P350
3. Matters Arising, including Action items:
4. Progress of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15: P351, P357, P361, P363
. Consideration of ISO ballots: P358, P360, P362
. Actions:
. Status Report of SC22/WG15: P352, P356, P359, P364
. Actions: P353
. Resolutions:
5. Progress of IEEE PASC Posix WGs
. Consideration of IEEE ballots:
. Status Report of IEEE PASC:
6. Liaison with other Standards Committees and Panels:
. IST/5 Report: (NMS) P354, P355
. IST/5/-/14 Liaison: (DJ)
7. Any Other Business