IST/5/-/15 - POSIX

Convenor's Quarterly Report

December 1996

1. The Panel is now meeting semi-annually, and will next meet on February 27 1997, at X/Open, Apex Plaza, Reading. The next IEEE PASC meeting will be held in San Diego, Jan 12-17 1997.

2. WG15. ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15 met in Munich October 28-31 1996. The U.K. was represented by Nick Stoughton (HoD, PUKE), David Cannon, and Martin Kirk. The next meeting is to be hosted by the UK, and will be held in Exeter, May 19-22 1997. Minutes are available on the University of Exeter's WWW site.

3. All WG15 and SC22 ballots in this quarter have been recommended as "Yes" vote by the panel, with the exception of SC22 N2213 (POSIX 1003.1g, Protocol Independent Interfaces) which had a substantial problem noted by the Panel. This ballot was submitted as a "No" vote, with substantive comments. The document had one major procedural flaw - the document circulated was incomplete for international purposes, and one part of the UK comment was to replace the entire document with one that was complete. The other technical objection related to non-portability at a binary level. The document has now been referred to the technical editor, Stephen Walli, for disposition of comments.

Nick Stoughton