Action Items on the UK arising from WG15 Meeting, Munich, October 1996

9610-28 National Bodies - review SD6 and return any comments to the Convener by 1996.12.31

9610-30 National Bodies - review Draft 8.1 of 1003.1f (SC22 N2212) for market relevance and reply to U.S. HoD (Roger Martin) by 1996.12.31.

9610-33 National Bodies - Review the Web pages, especially the document on Cultural Convention Specifications and report any comments to Keld Simonsen.

9610-37 National Bodies - inform Martin Kirk if you want a CD-ROM (Windows version) of Single UNIX Specification.

9610-41 National Bodies - Send any nominations for a Project Editor for JTC1 (IEEE 1003.1j) Advanced Real Time Extensions to the convener by 1996.12.31.

9610-43 National Bodies - To provide any input they would like in the synchronization plan, to the Convener by 1996.12.31.

9610-49 National Bodies - Review EWOS OSE Conformance Testing Documents "EGT009R2, Vocabulary" and "EGT0059, Analysis" which are available in Word format at and provide feed back to Dave Raynor ( by Feb. 1997.

9610-53 National Bodies - Notify Keld Simonsen of any available experts in the area of LID and/or IDL usage.

9610-61 National Bodies - Submit the names of any additional experts who might wish to take part in the Interpretations work, to the Convener by 1996.12.31.

9610-62 National Bodies - Review the proposed records of response and submit any comments to the WG15 reflector and be prepared to discuss them at the May 1997 WG15 meeting. Any comments requiring change MUST be submitted in writing to the Convener by 1997.04.01.

9610-65 National Bodies - Consider changing the frequency of WG15 meetings to be on an annual basis.