Unapproved Meeting Minutes

Date: 20th November 1992
Location: Hampden House, London
Those Present: Colin O'Driscoll
Hugh Fisher
David Rogers
Don Folland
Dave Cannon (Chairman)
Martin Kirk
Derek Jones
Greger Leijonhufvud
Don Chacon (Part-Time)
Vince Rich

Apologies were received from Dominic Dunlop and Neil Keskar.

2       Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed with one correction; In section 7, IST/5/14 should have read IST/5/-/14.

3       Matters Arising

Hugh Fisher had not yet received any information from the IEEE.

The action items from the previous meeting were reviewed. The following actions were agreed:

No extra Annex F comments will be passed to WG15.

WG15 has been advised that Kevin Murphy could not continue further as the Security Group Rapporteur. Don Folland will make enquiries within the DRA and CCTA to see if a replacement can be found.

Action:            D Folland

The following actions from the October Reading meeting were discussed:
9210-6 This has been responded to and is now closed.
9210-17 This should be addressed by WG15 and not this group. Don Folland will make enquiries within CCTA and David Rogers will also respond. 
Action:            D Folland
D Rogers

9210-21 Greger Leijonhufvud could possibly attend. Dave Cannon will investigate the funding issue.
Action:            D Cannon
9210-23 Greger Leijonhufvud will pass any comments to Vince Rich

Action:    G Leijonhufvud

9210-27 This should be reviewed by IST/5.
Action:            D Cannon
M Kirk
9210-30 Open.
9210-39 Panel members are to review P193 and send comments to Dave Cannon by January 1st, 1993.
9210-40 Still open.
9210-48 Martin Kirk will remind Andrew Walker.
9210-49 No response
9210-64 Greger Leijonhufvud felt that it was important that P1003.5 received an ISO balloting. The panel agreed that 1003.5 should be registered as a type 2 technical report.
9210-72 Dave Cannon will draw Andrew Walkers attention to this.
9210-74 The panels consensus for each of the questions in P205 were:
Q8 and Q9: No opinion; these issues are best considered by Language groups.

Dave Cannon will respond

Action:          Dave Cannon
9210-84 Dave Cannon will discuss this with Hal Jesperson.
Action:          Dave Cannon
9210-85 Colin O'Driscoll distributed copies of his e-mail. The base documents are complete and some funding is available. Colin O'Driscoll and Dan Chacon will produce the NP and this will be reviewed by Derek Jones. The draft NP should be available by December 8th.
5       Progress of IEEE P1003
Dave Rogers gave a report on 1003.6. It is expected to be balloted upon at the end of 1992 and will probably be balloted twice more before approval.

Don Folland reported on the PI 003.0 draft 15.

6       Rapporteur Groups

Internationalisation: Greger Leijonhufvud reported on the Reading meeting and the panel discussed English, Welsh and Gaelic locales. Dave Cannon will e-mail Welsh Universities to find an appropriate Welsh expert. Greger Leijonhufvud will contact the Welsh office.

Action:                        Dave Cannon
Greger Leijonhufvud

7       Liaison with other Standards Committees and Panels

Dave Cannon reminded the panel that the IST/5 business plan was open for comments etc, up to December 8th.

Derek Jones spoke about the IST/5/14 proposals on rigorous conformance. Dave Cannon will forward the proposal to Jim Issak.

Action:                        Derek Jones
Dave Cannon

8         Any Other Business

It was agreed that the 1993 meeting dates would be:

Friday 26th February
Friday 28th May
Friday 10th September
Friday 26th November

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