Unconfirmed Meeting Minutes

Location: BSI Conference Centre
Hampden House
Date: 11th September 1992
Those present:
Martin Kirk
David Brownbridge
Dave Cannon (Convenor)
Derek Jones
Hugh Fisher
Vince Rich

Apologies were received from:

Paul Cheshire
David Rogers
Don Folland
Neil Kescar
Eric Davie

1   Adoption of Agenda

The agenda was agreed.

2   Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the 29th May 1992 meeting were approved.

3   Matters Arising, including Action items

Documents P192 (observations about 'new functionality' and 9945-1LIS from Donn Terry) was discussed. The panel agreed that any changes should be treated as amendments and not be filtered through the LIS binding. Dave Cannon will write to WG15 expressing the panels view.
Document P193 (SC22 Procedure on Interpretations) was also discussed by the panel. It was agreed that panel members would consider the proposed interpretations procedure and send any comments to Dave Cannon by October 23rd.

Action 9205-20 (from the Hamilton meeting) has been accomplished. Kevin Murphy is unable to continue as the security group rapporteur and Dave Cannon will advise Jim Isaak.

Action 9205-22 Annex F from 9945-2 (see P194) was reviewed and considered acceptable. Any additional comments should be passed to Dave Cannon by October 23rd.

Action: Members to respond by October 23rd
Action 9205-27. This has been accomplished. Dave Cannon has returned comments to Jim Isaak.

Action 9205-34. None of the panel members were planning to attend the Utrecht meeting. Dave Cannon will advise Hal Jespersen.

4    Progress of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15

Resolutions AE (CD registration of technical report on test methods for measuring conformity to POSIX) and AF (DIS registration of CD 9945-2 POSIX) made at the SC22 Tampere, Finland, meeting were discussed.  See P195 for details.

Derek Jones presented a paper (P196) about applications conformance issues. Derek suggests that an additional definition be used in the C binding (P1003.16) to P1003.1 and also argues for consistency in the wording of definitions in different POSIX standards. The panel felt that Dereks proposals had merit and the proposal will be passed to the appropriate rapporteur group. Derek will send an E-mail copy of his paper to Dave Cannon.

Action: Derek Jones
It was agreed that Dave Cannon would send draft 12 to Hugh Fisher for review and that Hugh would return comments by October 7th. Comments must be received in the U.S. by 30th October. The panel asreed that subject to Hugh's review, draft 12 should be registered as a CD.

5   Progress of IEEE TCOS P1003

Martin Kirk reported on the Chicago meeting. P1003.5 (Ada binding) is now an official IEEE standard. P1003.7 (system administration) will go to a full ballot in January and P1003.8 is in ballot resolution. P1003.12 (Protocol independent interfaces) has lost its chair and a real-time splinter group has been formed. The 1238 LIS is complete and a C binding is in process. Dave cannon will distribute his notes on the e-mail list.

The panel has received an invitation to join the ballot on P1003.15 (Batch) and P1003.18 (Platform Environment Protocol). Dave Cannon will advertise this on e-mail and Encore Computer will fund the balloting fee.

6    Rapporteur Group Reports

No reports were available.

Liaison with other Standards Committees and Panels

Derek Jones reported on the work of IST/5/14. There were no other reports.

8   Any Other Business

Martin Kirk will endeavour to obtain a copy of XPG4 for panel review.

The next meeting will be held on Friday November 20th 1992