BSI Posix Panel

Unconfirmed Meeting Minutes
Location: BSI Conference Centre
Hampden House
Date: 29th May 1992
Those present:

Don Folland

Martin Kirk
Paul Cheshire
Dave Cannon (Convenor)
Dan Chacon
Vince Rich

0     Apologies were received from:

Derek Jones
Andrew Walker
Neil Kescar
Neil Martin
Ray Walker
Hugh Fisher
Eric Davie
Paul Roper

1     Minutes of the previous meeting:

Not reviewed

2     Matters arising, including action items:


3     Progress of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15

The panel discussed the synchronisation of 9945-2 and P1003.2a.  Dave Cannon has a copy of draft 11.3 (dated March 1992) of 9945-2 and anybody urgently requiring a copy should contact him.  The Danish objection (relating to currency symbols) is described in the Hamilton meeting report (P189).  Dave Cannon has fuller notes of the Hamilton meeting available if required.  The next WG15 meeting will be held on the 26-30th October in Utrecht, Holland.

The UK specific actions resulting from the Hamilton meeting were reviewed.  These are listed in P186.
9205-17: (referring  to  means  of  including  technical corrigenda and new functionality in 9945-1):  It was felt that bug fixes should t>e incorporated first and then work on  language  independence.  Technical  defects  could  be resolved in the next round.

The general issue of synchronisation of interpretations was discussed and it was agreed that Dave Cannon will find out more about the process of publishing interpretations.

Action:  Dave Cannon
It was also agreed that Dave Cannon would ask. WG15 to define "new functionality".

Action:  Dave Cannon

9205-20:: Dave Cannon will advise Kevin Murphy.

Action:  Dave Cannon

9205-22: Dave Cannon will extract annex F from 9945-2 and pass to Vince Rich for circulation.

Action:  Dave Cannon
Vince Rich

9205-27: It was  agreed  that  the  UK welcomes  this  (an informative  annex  related  to  new  functionality under consideration for inclusion in 9945-2) as a positive step towards internationalisation.
9205-34: (proposed  attendance  at  the  October  Utrecht meeting).  Panel members should advise Dave Cannon if they are planning to attend.
9205-47: Done
9205-49: Martin Kirk is pleased to be nominated.

4     Progress of IEEE P1003
The status of each Posix draft standard is shown in P187.  Contact Vince Rich if copies of any of the drafts are required.  Encore Computer will fund any fees related to the balloting process.

Don Folland reported that draft 15 of P1003.0 Is targetted for a ballot in July.  Don will provide the panel with copies of the "ccta Guide to Posix".

Martin Kirk reported that P1003.7 is in mock ballot and that it should be ready for full ballot at Utrecht.

5     Rapporteur Groups

Dave  Cannon  will  pass  on  papers  related  to  the Internationalisation rapporteur group to Greger.
Action:  Dave Cannon

6     Liaison with other Standards Committees and Panels:

ISO/CD 10646:  the UK vote was no with comments  (which referred to the null character problem).

7     Any Other Business

It was agreed that the discussion about a Posix binding for ISDN would be deferred until Ray Walker could participate.

The lack of a Cobol binding and the value of the language Independent specification were discussed at length.

The next meeting will be held on Friday 11th September.