ISO/IEC SC22/WG15 Document Register: N001 -> date

Last updated: 10-March-2003

1Q01 San Jose USA

3Q00 Nashua USA

3Q99 Montreal Ca

1Q99 New Orleans USA 1Q98 Dallas USA 3Q97 Cornwall Ca 1Q97 Exeter UK Please note: the following documents are just those that I think may be input to the WG15 meeting in Exeter; they are culled from recent WG15 email messages. The document numbering is entirely arbitrary and will certainly change during the meeting. Dave Cannon 3Q96 Munich D 1Q96 Copenhagen Dk 3Q95 Orlando USA 1Q95 Twente NL 3Q94 Vancouver CA 1Q94 Tokyo J 4Q93 Annapolis, Md USA 1Q93 Heidelberg D 4Q92 Reading UK 2Q92 Hamilton NZ 4Q91 Stockholm SW 1Q91 Rotterdam NL 4Q90 Orcas Island USA

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