Canadian Action Item Report

February 8, 2001

0007-21 (Member Bodies) - Review JTC 1 N 6205 and provide comments to the WG15 reflector prior to the next SC22 plenary on September 11 (by September 1st).

CLOSED. Canada's comments were provided directly by its delegations to SC22 and JTC1. Canada had no additional comments to provide WG15.

Additional comments:

Canada wishes to express its dismay and regret over the withdrawal by the IEEE of P1494 (C/PA) Guide for National Profiles and Locales, 1003.10-1995 Standard for Information Technology POSIX-Based Supercomputing Application Environment Profile, and 1387.2-1995 Standard for Information Technology - Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) System Administration - Part 2: Software Administration.

As P1494 (ISO 14766) is an active project that has made substantial progress in the last 18 months, Canada sincerely hopes that it can be re-instated at the earliest possible opportunity. While it would be desirable for the other two standards to be reaffirmed/revised, Canada has no resources to offer in this regard.

At the April, 1998 WG15 meeting "All agreed that annual face-to-face meetings were required, with substantial email business in the interim. There was much discussion on where such an annual meeting might be held; the US proposed in conjunction with SC22, Denmark and UK would prefer in conjunction with PASC (or perhaps TOG). The agreement is to alternate/rotate between these (SC22/PASC/TOG)." Although meetings are now much shorter than in the past, the continued failure to conduct business electronically in the interim necessitates that WG15 continue to schedule meetings approximately every nine months. Therefore, Canada recommends that the next meeting be held either September/October 2001 in conjunction with SC22 as planned, or Canada would be prepared to host a WG15 meeting in approximately the same timeframe. In the meantime, WG15 should continue to attempt to conduct more business electronically and re-adjust the meeting schedule should this prove more successful than it has to date.