SC22/WG15 N804

SC22/WG15 US TAG N652



Proposal for Division of Work:Project 22.15287 (1003.13a & b)


The US requests ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22/WG15 to forward a Division of Work Request for SC22 Project 22.15287 to create new work items for IEEE Project 1003.13a (Realtime Application Support (AEP)--Amendment x: Embedded Systems Profiles) & proposed new IEEE Project 1003.13b (Realtime Application Support (AEP)--Amendment x: Extended Profiles]). 


IEEE Project 1003.13a is currently an approved IEEE PAR.  IEEE Project 1003.13b is a new PAR that was approved at the July 2000 IEEE PASC meeting and forwarded to the IEEE Standards Board for approval.