SC22/WG15 803

SC22/WG15 US TAG N651



Proposal for a New Project: POSIX Fault Management


The United States proposes the creation of a new project under ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC22/WG15  for the development of a new standard on POSIX Fault Management.


IEEE PASC/SEC has approve and forwarded to the IEEE Standards Board an updated PAR for the project formerly known as 1003.1h, Fault Management.  The reason for updating this PAR is that it is currently written as an amendment to the 1003.1 Base Standard, and since amendments are no longer being automatically permitted, all amendment standards are being written as standalone documents.  This change of scope requires a modification to the PARs.  The new number for this project is not currently known but will be something close to P1003.2x.