SC22/WG15 N799


Project Editorís Report



Barry Hedquist


1. IEEE Standard 2003-1997, published as ISO/IEC Standard 13210:1999

2. IEEE Standard 2003.1-1992, Reaffirmed by IEEE.

3. IEEE Standard 2003.1b.† Approved by IEEE.† Underway as FPDAM 1 to 14515-1, ballot SC22 N 3112, Closes on 10-26-00.† Note: The Project Editor ask the WG-15 TAG Administrator, in writing, to begin this ballot on Jan 20, 2000. The draft standard is available for download at:†



1. IEEE Std 2003-1997, ISO/IEC 13210:1999.† IEEE and ISO have the sources.† I do not.

2. IEEE Std 2003.1 (ISO 14515-1).† IEEE and ISO have the sources.† I do not.

3. IEEE Std 2003.1b.† I, and IEEE both have the sources.



Jay Ashford


During the last year, nothing at all has transpired regarding ISO/IEC 15068-2 (aka IEEE 1387.2)



Pat Place


POSIX 1003.21:

The LIS is currently under revision in preparation for the next recirculation.† At the last recirculation, the document reached 73% approval.


Yes, I have a copy of the source.


The source has not been submitted to Keld for archival.



Ted Baker


In the past I agreed to be Project Editor for any POSIX Ada language binding projects that need an editor, and I will do so.† The last completed IEEE Ada binding standard was 1003.5c, which should be (slowly) going through the JTC1 fast-track process now.


It is not clear to me who is taking ISO/IEC responsibility for the other Ada language bindings, namely P1003.5f (binding to 1003.21), P1003.5g (binding to real-time interfaces), and P1003.5h binding to synchronized clock).† If those PASC projects have corresponding ISO/IEC projects need an ISO/IEC Project Editor, I am willing to serve.† I do plan on taking a more active role in at least P1003.5g, since Curtis Royster has found some funds to support that.



Michael Gonzalez


The 1003.1j document is currently going through final editing prior to publication at IEEE.† The document in ISO has completed FPDAM ballot with no negative comment (Mar 2000).†


The source was submitted to the WG15 archive.

Jim Oblinger

ISO 15287-2 (1003.13) passed FDISP ballot in Jan 2000.† Publication is pending the source has been forwarded to Keld.


ISO 15287-1 (1003.10) Disposition of Comments is pending.† Progress has been slowed due to lack of tools available to the Project Editor and time to solve the editing or conversion problem.