SC22/WG15 N797


Convener Action Item Report


9907-01 (All Project Editors) - Ensure they have or obtain the current copy of their documents’ source, for archive purposes. (Rolled over from 9705-46, 9710-13, 9804-05, 9901-03) –

CLOSED- Keld Simonsen, Don Folland, Jim Oblinger, Casey Schaufler, Michael Gonzales,

Shane McCarron, Martin Kirk, Jay Ashford, Ted Baker, Pat Place

OPEN - Stephe Walli, Norm Aaronson, Barry Hedquist

OPEN – Add Pat Place to closed


9907-04 (Convener and US ) to suggest that material being developed for P1494 and ISO 14766 is ready to become a draft document; and has been jointly developed. An appropriate copyright statement needs to be developed for such drafts. (rolled over from 9804-26, 9901-09)

CLOSED – Provided paper copies to P1494 working group


9907-05 (All Project Editors) -- Submit current copy of their document source to Keld Simonsen for archiving on the restricted WG15 web site. This is an archival copy only. The Project Editors retain responsibility to manage the source of their documents. (rolled over from 9901-12)

Closed Keld Simonsen (14766)

Don Folland (14252-.0)

Jim Oblinger (.10, .13)

Michael Gonzales (.1j)

Jay Ashford (15068-2)

Open Jim Oblinger (.8)

Stephe Walli (.1d received,.1a, .1b, .1c, .1g)

Casey Schaufler (.1e, .2c)

Norm Aaronson (.14)

Shane McCarron (2003.2)

Martin Kirk (15068-3, 15068-4, 15879)

Ted Baker (.5-14519, .5b-14519)

Barry Hedquist (13210, 14515-1, 14515-2)

Pat Place (.21-18011)



9907-06 (Project Editor for DAM 4 to 9945-1) -- Prepare and submit Disposition of Comments for DAM 4 to 9945-1 (P1003.1g), and submit the resulting copy of DAM4 for Final DAM ballot. This Disposition of Comments report should include a note stating that while a Final DAM ballot would not be required, the Project Editor recommends that a such a ballot be conducted due to the extensive revisions required to resolve the comments on the previous ballot. (rolled over from 9901-13)

CLOSED – Project is on hold


9907-09 (Convener) -- Ensure that documents identified in resolution 99-404 are forwarded as instructed. (rolled over from 9901-22) New Action Items arising from this previous meeting



9907-10 Action (Convener): Research rules regarding Working Group meeting quorum requirements and the ability of a Working Group to conduct business.

CLOSED – After discussion with the SC22 Chair and Secretariat, the determination is that there are no JTC 1 procedures that cover voting rules when fewer than five member nations attend a meeting.  Consequently the decision as to the ability of the Working Group to conduct business is up the discretion of the Convener.


9907-11 (Convener): Initiate a review of SD6. Any names not confirmed should be dropped.

CLOSED – An updated SD6 was circulated during the July meeting for additional changes.  The results will be placed on the website.


9907-12 (Convener): Create a new Standing Document (SD) which is cross reference table of Project Editors and required archival documents.



9907-13 (Convener): Create a new Standing Document (SD) which is cross reference table of Project Editors and required archival documents.



9907-14 (Convener): Contact Mssrs. Walli, Aaronson and Hedquist to locate copies of the missing documents to continue doing this on an annual basis. (rolled over from 9804-21, 9901-07)

OPEN – Still in process


9907-18 (Convener): Submit an updated copy of the SD-3 (Issues List) for posting on the WG15 web site.



9907-22 (Convener): Remind all WG15 Project Editors that a written report on all projects is required 30 days prior to a WG15 meeting.

NEVER CLOSED - This needs to be a reoccurring action item to ensure better response.


9907-25 (Convener): Remind SC22 Secretary that the Print Administration work item ( should be withdrawn by SC22.

CLOSED – Submitted to SC22.


9907-30 (Convener): Initiate a 45-day Letter Ballot to approve the proposed meeting resolutions.

CLOSED – Ballot was held.


9907-31 (Convener) Poll MBs to determine if sufficient support exists for fast tracking IEEE Std 1003.23.

Additional Action Items arising from Resolutions


            Closed – poll was taken at meeting to approve


9907-32 (Convener) Forward IEEE Guide for Developing User OSE Profiles (IEEE 1003.23-1998) to SC22 for Fast Track balloting.


            Now closed


9907-33 (Convener) Forward the POSIX locale and narrative cultural specification (WG15 N785) to SC22 for registration with ISO/IEC 15897.

OPEN - Submitted to SC22, but SC22 may not have acted on the requested


9907-34 (Convener) Request SC22 extend the life of the POSIX.2b project ( 22.41) to allow it to complete its work which is entering FPDAM ballot. (See draft Res 99-442)

CLOSED – Submitted to SC22.


9907-35 (Convener) Forwarding the following documents to SC22 for FPDAM ballot and requests that these ballots be conducted as expeditiously as possible (see draft RES 99-423):

P1003.1j/D09 (Advanced Realtime Extensions)

P1003.2b/D12 (Additional Utilities)

CLOSED – Submitted to SC22.


9907-36 (Convener) Request SC22 to withdraw (LIS System Interface). (see draft Res 99-424)

CLOSED – Submitted to SC22.