SC22/WG15 N796

SC22/WG15 US TAG N648

July 20, 2000


U.S. Action Item Report



9907-04(Convener and US) to suggest that material being developed for P1494 and ISO 14766 is ready to become a draft document; and has been jointly developed. An appropriate copyright statement needs to be developed for such drafts. (rolled over from 9804-26, 9901-09)

                                CLOSEDThe U.S. recommends that both the ISO and the IEEE copyright statements be

                                 included in the document).


9907-07(US) -- Have the US development body call a meeting of the P1494 working group for the two days immediately preceding the next WG15 meeting that is co-located with PASC, and reserve a room for that P1494 meeting.     (rolled over from 9901-19)

                                CLOSED - meeting was called for July 19-20, 2000  in Nashua, NH.


9907-08(US) -- Have the US development body provide electronic copies of the current source text of P1003.18 and P1003.23, and make those electronic copies available to the P1494 editor (Keld Simonsen) by 1 March 1999.     (rolled over from 9901-20)

                                CLOSED - POSIX.18 is a dead project.  After extensive searching, the U.S. is unable to find an electronic copy of this document.   Paper copies of both documents have been provided since the source text is not available for either.


9907-15(Member Bodies): Provide input to REV on any implementation of alternative command syntax for the “dd” command.

                                CLOSED - Based on consultation with the development body, the U.S. has no further input to this action item.


9907-21(Member Bodies): Review and comment regarding Style Issues arising from draft 1 of the Austin Group revision document.

                                CLOSED  - comments were submitted


9907-26(Member Bodies): Raise the issue of the C Revision which introduces incompatibilities with the POSIX standard and locales to their SC22 and WG14 advisory bodies to request that they take the steps necessary to get the C standard corrected to maintain compatibility between the C and POSIX standards.



9907-27(US): Prepare a Defect Report regarding the C Standard incompatibilities with POSIX standard and locales and distribute to the WG15 reflector by 8/15/99.



9907-28(US): Send copies of the most recent versions of 9945-1 and 9945-2 to the WG14 Convenor for the purpose of WG14 coordination and review.

                                CLOSING - WG15 TAG has requested TAG Administrator to have IEEE send the appropriate documents.