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   Notice of Plan to Revise IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 (ISO/IEC 9945-2)




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   Title/Topic: Notice of plan to revise IEEE Std 1003.2-1992

   From: Donald W. Cragun                  Type: Communications

   Date: July 20, 2000                    Related Documents: None



   The IEEE PASC SUWG plans to submit a PAR to the IEEE SA Standards

   Board to revise IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 (POSIX.2) and to follow the

   synchronization plan to revise ISO/IEC 9945-2.


   The reason for doing this it that many procurement agencies write

   proposals requesting system implementors to provide products that

   conform to the latest POSIX.1 standard and the latest POSIX.2

   standard.  This works well with the current POSIX.1 and POSIX.2

   standards  But, when the revision of the current IEEE and ISO/IEC

   POSIX.1 standards is adopted, system implementors would have to

   provide systems providing conformance to shell and utilities

   requirements mandated by POSIX.1-200x and by POSIX.2-1992.**

   Although most utilities specified by POSIX.2-1992 are compatible with

   POSIX.1-200x, there are a few differences that will preclude

   concurrent conformance to both standards.


   If the current POSIX.2 standard were withdrawn when the revised

   POSIX.1 standard is adopted, system implementors would still be

   unable to meet the requirement of concurrent conformance to POSIX.1

   and POSIX.2 since there would be no POSIX.2 at that point.


   Therefore, IEEE PASC SUWG will revise IEEE Std 1003.2 such that IEEE

   Std 1003.2-200x conformance specifies conformance to IEEE Std

   1003.1-200x.  This will keep requirements for concurrent conformance

   to POSIX.1 and POSIX.2 synchronized with the current and next

   revision of the standards.  By the time POSIX.2-200x would need to be

   revised are reaffirmed, the industry will have had enough time to

   retrain procurement agencies to only specify conformance to POSIX.1.





** The common revision of IEEE Std 1003.1-1990 [as amended], ISO/IEC

   9945-1:1990 [as amended], and the Single UNIX Specification version 2

   will contain the material currently contained in both POSIX.1 and