ISO/IEC SC22/ WG15 N791
WG15 Convener’s Action Item Report – July 1999


9901-09 Convener and US to suggest that material being developed for P1494 and ISO 14766 is ready to become a draft document; and has been jointly developed. An appropriate copyright statement needs to be developed for such drafts. (rolled over from 9804-26) -- OPEN

New actions arising from the New Orleans meeting:

9901-11: Convener -- Ensure that Project Editing meeting is held promptly to resolve issues on Draft Disposition of Comments for IEEE 1003.2b (JTC1.22.41). History: (R 96-334) after a review by the U.S., Japan, and Denmark Member Bodies. A proposed record of response has been received via email in WG15 N754. An editing meeting must now be held via conference call or email. (See 9705-10.) (Rolled over from 9605-53, 9610-18, 9705-10, 9705-39 and 9710-03.)


9901-22: Convener -- Ensure that documents identified in resolution 99-404 are forwarded as instructed.

IEEE P1003.1g Draft 6.6 (9945-1 DAM4 Protocol Independent Interfaces) for JTC1. Final DAM ballot.


IEEE P1003.1a (9945-1 DAM5 Additional Systems Services) for JTC1.22.39 Final DAM ballot.


IEEE P1003.1d (9945-1 PDAM8 Additional Realtime Extensions) for JTC1.22.21.40 Final PDAM ballot.


IEEE P2003.1b (14515-1 PDAM1 Test Methods for Realtime Extensions) for JTC1. Final PDAM ballot.


IEEE Std. 1003.10 (15287-1 Supercomputing AEP) for JTC1.22.15287.01 DISP ballot (if required).

Editing underway prior to FDIS submission

IEEE Std. 1003.13 (15287-2 Realtime System Environment Profile) for JTC1.22.15287.02 DISP ballot.

Editing underway prior to FDIS Submisson

IEEE P1003.21 LIS (Part 1: Realtime Distributed Systems Communication Application Program Interface (API)[Language-Independent]) for JTC1.22.18011 concurrent CD Registration and CD Ballot.


9901-23: Convener -- Report the formation of new rapporteur groups designated resolution 99-406 to SC22 for their information.

Done as part of SC22 Convener Report and Business Plan

9901-24: Convener -- Report on resolution 99-409 to SC22 and seek its advice on those matters.