Convener's Action Item Report

20 Aug 1997 97

For Oct. 1997 WG15 Meeting


9705-03 Convener - write a cover letter to Member Bodies to consider the general issue of subsetting base standards from within profiles during their review of 1003.13. (rolled over from 9510-34, which came from RGCPA issue #6, 9605-07 and 9610-05).

Done: WD 15287-2 cover note provided 2 June 97

9705-20 Convener - Conduct an electronic ballot on forwarding IEEE Standard 1003.10 and Explanatory Reports to SC22 for PDISP ballot. (rolled over from 9610-46).

Open, awaiting report info

9705-21 Convener - Conduct an electronic ballot on forwarding P1003.13 and Explanatory Reports to SC22 for Final PDISP ballot. (rolled over from 9610-47).

Open, awaiting report info

9705-24 Convener - Ensure that SEC N434r3 (Interpretation Guidelines) gets posted to the WG15 Web server. (rolled over from 9610-58).

Done, I asked Keld to post the document or a link; the orig is at:

9705-25 Convener - Forward the nomination of Don Folland as Project Editor of JTC1.22.38 and Norm Aaronson as Project Editor for JTC1. to SC22. (rolled over from 9610-63).

Done with SC22 Report; approved SC22 Aug 97

9705-26 Convener - Forward the disposition of comments contained in resolution 96-354 to JTC1/SC22. (rolled over from 9610-64).

Done, SC22 has distributed DoC & has initiated final publication phase.

9705-30 Convener - forward the latest copy of WG15 SD-6 to Keld Simonsen, WG15 webmaster, for inclusion on the protected web pages at

Done with version as of May 18th; need update for later revisions

9705-35 Convener - to establish a procedure and to remind all Project Editors and Liaisons on 1-September-1997 to submit written reports to be received in time for the following WG15 meeting.

Done - by putting it into calendar program there is a need for a tool here (web based?) that could serve as a "tickle" tool associated with action items, reports, etc. (Any takers?)

9705-37 Convener - submit a record of response to SC22, pointing to the interpretations responses/defect reports to be placed on the public WG15 web pages, at:

Done in report to SC22; and with listing as separate SC22 document

9705-45 Convener - advise SC22 that the document corresponding to 14519 is being fast-tracked and that the 3-year review on this work item is not appropriate.

Done in SC22 report, recognized by SC22 in resolution to continue project

9705-53 Convener - seek an invitation from the U.S. and IEEE PASC to meet with them at their April 1998 meeting.

Done in 2 June email

9705-54 Convener - search the SC22 resolutions for a precedent regarding the numbering of the LIS work as 9945-0, and approach ITTF with a request to use that identification.

Done, SC22 supported the part number concept in 1993 for LIS, and the 9945-0 numbering in 1994, however, subsequently ITTF has established it's policy opposed to this numbering. Other standards in SC22 do not have a "-0" designation.

9705-56 Convener - draw up and distribute to WG15 a job description for prospective applicants, describing the duties of WG15 Convener.

Done, First draft is WG15.1082 dated 11 Aug 97

9705-59 Convener - notify all Project Editors of the WG15 action items which have been assigned to them at this meeting.

Done in 2 June 97 email

9705-61 Convener - request SC22 to withdraw project JTC1 (Transparent File Access) from the scope of work of SC22/WG15. Resolution 9705-361 refers.

Done in SC22 report; SC22 has withdrawn this project

9705-62 Convener - request SC22 to confirm the nomination of Michael Gonzalez as Project Editor for JTC1, (IEEE Advanced Real Time Extensions). Resolution 9705-362 refers.

Done in SC22 report; approved by SC22, Aug 97

9705-64 Convener - advise SC22 that WG15 is aware that the U.S. Member Body is submitting a proposal to JTC1 for a NWI "Guide for Developing User Organisation Open System Environment (OSE) Profiles", and that WG15 expresses its willingness to accept this work item should it be approved. Resolution 9705-365 refers.

Done in SC22 Report

9705-65 Convener - advise SC22 that WG15 accepts the following listed Defect Reports/Interpretations as being valid input to the interpretation process and accepts the proposed responses. Changes have been made to reference the appropriate ISO/IEC standards in the responses.

ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 - 01,03,05-08,10-14,16,18,19,23,27,29,30,32,34-41,
Real-Time - 01-04,06-11
Real-Time & Threads - 01-04,06-16,18-22,24,27,,28,32
ISO/IEC 9945-2:1994 - 01-45,47-116,118-142,145-147
ISO/IEC 19519:1994 - 01-07,09
ISO/IEC 13210 - 01,04,05,07,13-15,17

Resolution 9705-366 refers.

Done via email submission, 2 June 1997

9705-66 Convener - generate a Record of Response for submission to SC22 indicating that the responses to Defect Reports are available on the WG15 Web page (URL Resolution 9705-367 refers.

Done as indicated above

9705-67 Convener - pass the Synchronisation Plan to SC22 for approval. Resolution 9705-368 refers.

Done via email submission, 2 Jun 97; approved by SC22, Aug 97

9705-69 Convener - notify ITTF that a printing erratum has been identified in the printed version of 9945-1:1996 2nd Edition, section, line 118. In the opendir function, the return value should be "NULL" but is erroneously printed as "-1". Convener to request ITTF to take any action necessary to notify existing purchasers of the standard and all future purchasers. Resolution 9705-369 refers.

Done via email to SC22 secretariat, May 97

9705-71 Convener - Request SC22 to extend work item System Interface LIS {1372} for one further year.

Done in SC22 Report; accepted by SC22, Aug 97