1997 October 20

Canadian Action Item Report

> 9705-15	Member Bodies  - Review the Web pages, especially the 
> document on Cultural Convention Specifications and report any comments 
> to Keld Simonsen. (Rolled over from 9610-33).

Please provide a specific WG15 document number and/or the URL where this document may be found.

> New Action Items from Exeter, May 1997:

> 9705-33	Member Bodies - provide feedback to Head of U.S. delegation 
> (Roger Martin) by 11-July as to whether work on 1003.1m 
> (Checkpoint/Restart) and 1003.1p (Resource Limits) should be pursued, 
> and whether new, additional manpower can be provided - lack of extra 
> manpower will result in withdrawal of sponsorship of the IEEE PARs and 
> hence work by the U.S. development body.

While Canada supports the continuance of these projects we have no resources to contribute to their development and therefore reluctantly accept their withdrawal should the U.S. development body find such action necessary.

> 9705-41	Member Bodies - consider and report to the next WG15 meeting 
> whether (-) System Administration Overview {1387.1/7+} be 
> withdrawn, or whether they can make available resources to progress 
> the work.  MBs should note that JTC1 regulations currently indicate 
> that five MBs are necessary to endorse work on a proposed NP.

Canada does not support the withdrawal of this project and will make every effort to provide the necessary resources to ensure its continuance. However we note that the U.S. development body has already terminated work on the project at its level making its continuance within WG15 that much more difficult.

> 9705-55	Member Bodies - seek volunteers for the post of WG15 Convener, 
> to run for three years from September 1998 at the latest.  Applicants 
> should have sponsorship from their employers and from their National 
> Bodies.

Canada has no volunteers for this post.