October 28, 1996

Canadian Action Item Report

9605-02 Canada and France - review N596 (about Open Systems participants from AFNOR) and provide written comments or extensions for the October, 1996 meeting. (rolled over from 9510-11 on Member Bodies).

Closed. Canada's response is attached in WG15 N690.

9605-12 Member Bodies - respond to IDI to indicate interest, e-mail, and address for the HoD's interested in receiving access to the PASC electronic distribution of materials.

Done. Materials are currently being received. Canada would like to recommend however that the proprietary PDF format be abandoned in favour of a more platform independent and vendor neutral one such as HTML 2.0, or flat text.

9605-14 Members Bodies - provide comments to the convener on documents N633, and N634 regarding conformity assessment plans and interoperability before August 1 for input to the SC22 meeting.

Done. Canada had no comments to provide on these particular documents as it currently lacks any conformity assessment expertise within its working group and know of no plans in this regard.

9605-17 Member Bodies - report to the convener if they have volunteers for representing SC22 in the GII working group.

Done. Canada has no volunteers for this particular activity.

9605-19 Member Bodies - recommend people as project editors for the following areas: Ada, OSE, and Profiles.

Done. Canada has no available people to recommend for these particular activities and in particular does not support the continuance of the Ada activities.

9605-21 Member Bodies - look for a solution to the problem of extended identifiers in 1003.2 (from RIN issue 0) and report back.

Done. Canada has no solution to propose.

9605-40 Member Bodies - communicate this information (on non width space and soft hyphen) to their internationalization experts to deal with.

Done. The information has been communicated to Canada's i18n experts who believe these to be non-issues but who have not yet formally responded.

9605-43 Member Bodies - verify that normative reference to the new C Language Standard and Amendments does not cause any problems with 9945-1 and 9945-2.

Open - Canada has not yet completed its verification and expects this exercise to be an ongoing activity for quite some period of time. No problems have been identified to date, but unfortunately there is little overlap between the C and POSIX working groups and therefore a lack of common expertise in the two documents.

9605-46 Member Bodies - have their technical experts identify any specific elements of the Single Unix Specification that should be included in POSIX.

Open - Canada has not yet requested a CD-ROM copy of X/Open's Single UNIX Specification but would like to do so. Nevertheless Canada does not expect that it will identify any specific elements for evaluation but remains willing to consider any that X/Open itself would like to identify and bring forward to this forum via its liaison.