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96-77/ETI/Bes         1996-01-27

Mr William C. Rinehuls
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 Secretariat
8457 Rushing Creek Court
Springfield, VA 22153

Subject:  JTC1/SC22/WG15 (POSIX) liaison request to JTC1/SGFS

Dear Mr. Rinehuls,

In response to your request for an SC22/WG15 (POSIX) liaison to
JTC1/SGFS (your letter dated 1995-08-25) we can inform you that
the SGFS plenary meeting in Tokyo, 17-19 June 1996, accepted your
request and appointed Mr. Willem Wakker as the SGFS liaison
officer to SC22/WG15.

With kind regards,

Peter J.J. Bessems,
ISO/IEC JTC1/SGFS Secretariat.

CC. Mr. W. Wakker
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