Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda JTC1/SC22/WG15 N678r
ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15- POSIX 1996 Oct 16

Plenary and Rapporteur meetings
Date: 28-31 Oct. 1996
Location: IBM, Anzinger Strasse 29, Munich 81671, Germany ---Recommended hotel: Mercure Orbis Phone: +49 89 6327-0
Host Contact:Ron Elliott,
Chair:Ron Elliott
Vice Chair:Dave Canon Secretary:person
Convener:Jim IsaakUSA
WG15 Secretariat:Gloria Maille USA+508-486-2157

Agenda ad hocOct 289AM

WG15 Plenary meeting:Oct 28 Starting at 10:00 AM
Oct 31Ending by 17:00 PM

1.Opening of meeting
1.1Welcome from Host
1.2Introductions & Roll call of Technical Experts
1.2.1Verification of HoD-PASC distribution
1.3Selection of Drafting Committee
1.4Adoption of agenda [N678]
1.5Approval of minutes [N677]
1.6Action Items & National Reports
CA [N], DK[N], FR[N], DE[N], JP[N],NL[N], UK[N], US[N], Convener[N687]
2.Status, Liaison and Action Item Reports [written please]
2.1Issues List [SD3]Vicechair
2.2JTC1 actions affecting group Convener
2.3SC22 action, Convener Report [N687]Convener
2.4Report on IEEE PASC Standards Projects [SD11]U.S.
2.5Liaison & Working Relationship Reports:
2.5.1WG9/Ada--- RRG Action/Status [N] Ted Baker
2.5.2WG11/Cross Language [N]Paul Rabin
2.5.3WG20/I18n [N]Keld Simonsen
2.5.4WG21/C++ [N]Nobuo Saito
2.5.5SGFS [N]Willem Wakker
2.5.6WG22/PCTE [N]Keld Simonsen
2.5.7WG14/C Language [N]Keld Simonsen
2.5.8EWOS Liaison [N]Dave Rayner
2.5.9X/Open (Category C) [N]Martin Kirk
2.6Editors Reports [N]
2.7Defect Reports/Interpretations & Corrigenda
Tuesday, 10/29 circa 2PM
[N]Andrew Josey

3.0 Specific actions for this meeting

3.1 Collection of National Profiles

3.2 Review of PASC Interpretations

3.3 Input from Denmark, Japan, SGFS on national profiles and TR 10000

3.4 Review of POSIX Profiles: 1003.10 and 1003.13 vis a vis TR10000

4.0 Actions Arising from Reports

4.1 Action related to issues

4.2 Responses to JTC1 or SC22 action

4.3 Proposals related to IEEE PASC activities &/or Priorities

4.4 Liaison statements & actions related thereto

4.4.1 WG20 issues:

4.5 Actions related to rapporteur groups

4.5.1: Review of Terms of Reference, Task Assignment & near term objectives

4.6 Defect Reports/Interpretations & Corrigenda

5.0 Project Activities - registration, balloting, content [WG15 SD11, SD 4]

5.01 -- Checkpoint division of work (.1m) (does a draft exist)

5.1 9945-0 LIS System Interface System Interface LIS {1372}LIS Progress

status of work, draft,
5.2 9945-2 Shell & Utilities
5.2.1 22.41 additional utilities {2b}PDAM:
5.2.2 22.43 Security Amendment {2c/6}PDAM:
5.2.3 Batch Services {2d/15a} DAM 21 July

5.3 15068 Administered Systems
5.3.1 (- ) Sys Administration overview {1387.1/7+}
5.3.2 (-2) Software Administration {1387.2/7.2} DIS:
5.3.3 (-3) User Administration {1387.3/7.3} DIS
5.3.4 (-4) Print Administration {1387.4/7.1} CD reg:

5.4 9945-1 C Language Bindings
5.4.1 22.39Extensions to base {1a}PDAM Reg:
5.4.2 22.21.40Extensions to real time {1d/4b}PDAM reg:
5.4.3 22.42Security Amendment {1e/6}CD done?
5.4.4 Transparent File Access {1f/8}PDAM reg:
5.4.5 Protocol Ind. Interface {1g/12}PDAM bal:
5.4.6 ??Adv. Real Time Extensions {1j}Div Work

5.5 14519 Ada Language Bindings
Ada Real Time Extensions {.5c} for fasttrack
5.6 14252 Guide to POSIX OSE
22.38 TR14252 Guide to POSIX OSE {0}TR 1996 done

5.713210, 14515-x Test Methods
5.7.1 22.37 CD13210 Test Methods {2003R} revision
5.7.2 14515-1 Test Methods for 9945-1 - 1990 ...1.01 Test methods for 1990 component {2003.1} Done 96 ...1.02 Test methods for real time Ext. {2003.1b}PDAM Reg:
5.7.3 14515-2Test Methods for 9945-2 {2003.2}CD bal:

5.8Guide for National Profiles & Locales
14766 Guide for National Profiles & National Locales [N]

Status of work, draft, IEEE project

6.0 New Business

7.0 Review/approval
7.1 Resolutions Drafting Committee
7.2Action Items Secretary
7.3Issues List Vice Chair

8.0 Closing Process

8.1 Future Meeting considerations-- Request for invitations
May 19-23rd, 1997 UK - Exeter
Oct 20-24, 1997 Cornwall, Onterio Canada -

Seeking Invitations
Spring 98Target: France
Sept-Dec 98Target: USA
Spring 99Target: Denmark
Fall 99:Target: Japan

8.2 Document Number assignment

8.3 Selection of Vice Chair, Secretary for next meeting

8.4 Agenda for next meeting

8.5 Thanks to host

9. Adjournment