9510-06 Member Bodies - submit issues on synchronization in writing or to the reflector by April 8, 1996. No additional issues will be considered under the synchronization agenda item at the May, 1996 meeting.

Closed. There were no issues to submit.

9510-08 Member Bodies - provide URLs and other information they would like posted to the WG15 web page.

Closed. The Canadian POSIX Working Group maintains a Web server at for the use of its members and other interested parties. (SC22WG15.746)

9510-10 Member Bodies - review the full N595 document and the liaison report N607 and submit written contributions to be used to form the WG15 response to SC22 for a common plan of work within CEN/TC304.

Closed. Canada recommends that this document be referred to WG20 as it more appropriately belongs there. It includes many items that are of limited relevance to WG15 or that have already been raised here and previously rejected.

9510-11 Member Bodies - review N596 and provide written comments or extensions for the May, 1996 meeting.

Open. Comments will be forthcoming.

9510-12 Member Bodies and X/Open Liaison - review N622 in the context of providing an ISO specification in alignment with the Single Unix Specification and come to the May, 1996 meeting with a preferred tactical method to achieve this (if appropriate).

Closed. N622 is a fine document and we thank X/Open for its comprehensive and succinct report. Should X/Open wish to submit a proposal to bring the POSIX family of standards in closer alignment with its Single UNIX Specification, either through this forum or via the JTC1 fast-track method we would be happy to consider it at that time.

9510-33 Member Bodies - identify appropriate users (of profiles) and seek feedback from them in the R&C process on how the profiles meet (or do not meet) their needs. (from RGCPA issue #2)

Closed. No appropriate users have been identified from whom to seek feedback.

RIN 9510-03 Canada to check its view of the status of the 'reorder-after' issue at the request of Denmark, and to report back to the next WG15 meeting.

Closed. The functionality of reorder-after can be accomplished within the current standard using existing POSIX tools. However WG20 in Canada does support this requirement in order for non-POSIX conformant systems that lack such tools to be able to make use of POSIX locales.

Additional Comments:

Attached is Canada's response to previous submissions on the Impact of ISO/IEC 10646 on POSIX.

Canada proposes to host the October 1997 meeting during the week of October 20 - 24 at the Transport Canada Training Institute in Cornwall, Ontario.