WG15 TAG N576

TO:  WG 15 TAG

SUBJECT:  WG15 Action Item 9510-17

DATE:  Jan 17, 1996

Action Item:  U.S. and Convener - work with ITTF to resolve the naming inconsistency with the test method standards and report back to the May, 1996 WG15 meeting.

1. Section 5.8 of the WG15 minutes, Test Methods, states:

"There was a discussion of the naming and numbering problem with 2003.1a: ie that 2003.1b does not match 1003.1b in that the real time test methods were not merged with 2003.1, while 1003.1 was merged with the real time standard to become 1003.1b. This creates some problems.

Germany requested that both test standards clearly state what they test. However, that would mean that 2003.1 would have to change, since by the time it is published internationally, the 9945-1 it points to will include more than just .1 classic.

Actions were placed on the U.S. and the Convener, work with ITTF to resolve the naming inconsistency with the test standards and report back to the May WG15 meeting. Jim suggested the US propose a title send a cover letter suggesting it."

Two issues aride from these minutes.  The first has to do with P2003.1b D4 - which is in ballot;  the second is a generic naming convention problem between base standards and their test method specifications.

2.  It is correct that 2003.1b D4 does not map directly, one-to-one, to 1003.1b.  It wasn't supposed to.  However, the introductory material in 2003.1b did not make this perfectly clear.  Since 2003.1b D4 is in ballot, the PASC Test Methods Working Group can modify the introductory material to clarify this via the ballot process.

It should be noted that 2003.1b D4 has not been released to the JTC 1 community, and that an action item from WG15 to the US regarding this document is premature.  Any comments regarding 2003.1b should be directed to the IEEE.

3.  The more generic problem is one where a test method specification, such as 2003.1, cites a base standard, such as 1003.1 and the base standard has changed while the test method specification has not.  Test method specifications will need to emphasize the version of the base standard applicable to that specification.

4.  Both of these issues have been informally communicated to the PASC Test Methods Working Group, and they are developing corrective actions.

Recommended Actions:

1.  Advise WG15 that their action item is premature, but the issue is being worked in PASC Test Methods.

Barry Hedquist