SC22/WG15 N487


Draft Minutes
SC22/WG15 Rapporteur Group on Conformance Testing
May 9, 1994
Tokyo, Japan

In accordance with the RGCT Terms of Reference (RCT N055) approved by WG15 in October 1993, these minutes are submitted to SC22/WG15 as the RGCT meeting report.

1.0    Opening of Meeting

John Hill was appointed recording secretary.  The agenda was accepted as published.  Approval of the minutes was deferred until the next RGCT meeting.

Attendance and Leadership:

Mr. Imafuku Japan
Mr. Martin USA
Mr. Hill USA

Mr. Martin convened the meeting per the request of Mr. Powell who sent his apologies for being unable to attend due to an unexpected conflict.

2.0    Reports on CT Activities

There was extensive discussion of the status of both the IEEE (SCCT and 2003) and NIST POSIX conformance testing activities.  No other reports were provided.

3.0    Conformance Testing Experts Presentations

There were none.

4.0    Status, Liaison, and Action Item Reports

WG15 action items and resolutions assigned to RGCT:
  1. 9305-16:  OPEN  CD Registration  of IEEE 2003.1-1992 -- RGCT contacted the SC22 secretariat and learned the ballot should now have been initiated.
  2. 9305-17:  OPEN  Forward test methods under developmentto WG15 per synchronisation plan -- RGCT is following the progress of 2003 and will review and comment when the documents become available to SC22/WG15.
  3. 9305-18:  OPEN  Review and comment IEEE 2003.2 (Draft 9) -- IEEE ballot recirculation closed 25 April 1994.  RGCT will continue to review and comment on subsequent drafts.
  4. 9305-50:  OPEN  Invitation of experts to RGCT -- No experts were able to attend this meeting.  Experts will be invited to the next meeting.
  5. WG15 Resolution 93-236:  CLOSED  1003.3 CD Registration -- CD ballot has been completed and the document is DIS 13210.

5.0    New Business

The US contributed TT05 [=WG15 TAG N468, SCCT N073R}, Harmonization Conformance Testing Terminology.

RGCT agreed to forward TT05 to SC22/WG15 with the recommendation that it be forwarded to SC21 as a contribution relating to JTC1 N2527.  (See Resolution 9405-01.)

6.0    Review and Approval of RGCT Action Items

9405-01: John Hill -- Prepare minutes of the meeting.
9405-02: Jerry Powell -- Assign document numbers.
9405-03: Jerry Powell -- Distribute meeting announcement and agenda for the next meeting.

7.0    Review and Approval of RGCT Resolutions

9405-01: Terminology
RGCT forwards to SC22/WG15 and urges the approval of the following draft resolution:

Harmonizing Conformance Testing Terminology

SC22/WG15 instructs its convener to forward TT05, together with an appropriate cover letter, to JTC1/SC21 as a contribution relating to JTC1 N2527.
9405-02: Thanks to host
RGCT thanks Professor Nobuo Saito and the Information Processing Society of the Japan/Information Technology Standards Commission of Japan.

8.0    Closing

The following documents must be assigned document numbers.  See Action Item 9405-02.
1. TT05 -- Harmonization Conformance Testing Terminology
2. Minutes
3. Meeting announcement and draft agenda for the next meeting
The meeting was adjourned.