WG15 N463

Canadian Report on JTC1/SC22/WG15 - Actions from SC22/WG5 Fall/93 Meeting

9310-02 - Not Complete - If there is still a need the actions back to the Brussels/89 meeting will be posted to the WG15 email reflector prior to the next meeting of WG15.  The responses to action item 9310-14 should be used to determine if further effort is warranted.

9310-05 - Canada feels that the ODP model isn't sufficiently developed at this time to assist in our work.  Due to resource constraints (and economic realities) further research, although desirable, cannot be undertaken at this time.

9310-14 - Canada feels that additional atention to past action items derived from resolutions from past meetings will yield little or no value.

9310-20 - RGCPA Action Item - RGCPA will report at the fall 94 meeting of WG15.

9310-24 - Canada will Consider but cannot commit at this time.

9310-26 - Canada expects to complete work on the Canadian Profile by early 1995 and will submit to RIN.

9310-27 - Not complete.

9310-37 - Underway but not complete.

9310-40 - Not complete.

9310-47 - Not complete - assigned to Canadian RIN Rapporteur

9310-60 - Not complete.

9310-65 - Complete - Canada cannot provide a secretary for the May 1994 WG15 meeting.