JTC1/SC22/WG15 RCT N055
October 1993

JTC1/SC22/WG15 Rapporteur Group on Conformance Testing


  1. To review issues of conformance testing relative to all standards within the scope of WG15.

  2. To seek cooperation with similar efforts undertaken by other international, regional, and national bodies.

  3. To make recommendations to WG15 regarding coordination of conformance testing efforts.

  4. To make recommendations to WG15 regarding the work of the US member body's Test Methods Groups and IEEE/PASC Steering Committee on Conformance Testing.


  1. Identify appropriate conformance testing approaches for standards within the scope of WG15.

  2. Investigate criteria for conformance testing services.  [This should include accreditation, certification, and testing procedures.]

  3. Review and comment on IEEE/PASC Test Methods Documents.

  4. Identify and establish  contact with other groups to:

    1)  increase recognition of, and participation in, RGCT; and
    2)  solicit and disseminate relevant information.


  1. The RGCT tasks will be directed by resolutions and action items of WG15.

  2. The RGCT tasks, progress report, and deliverables will be documented in the minutes and made avilable to the WG15 before each meeting.