Rapporteur Group on Coordination of Profile Activities
Annapolis 25-26.10.93

1    Opening

1.1  The meeting was opened by Mr. Arnie Powell, the Lead Rapporteur, at 09:15 on 10.05.94 at the Marriott Waterfront Hotel, Annapolis.
1.2 The attendee list is attached to these minutes (Attachment 1).
1.3 Ron Elliot acted as secretary.  Peter Owens, Kevin Lewis and Willem Wakker volunteered to act on the drafting committee.
1.4 The agenda (RGCPA N033) was adopted with minor changes.
1.5 The minutes were approved.
2    Administration
2.1 Action Items
9305-01 Done
9305-02 Open
9305-03 Open
9305-04 Closed
9305-05 SD3, still under way
9305-06 Open
9305-07 Closed.  Draft of 2003 was reworked at the last PASC meeting and an additional section was added for profiles.  Most time has been spent on the methodology.  Draft should be available for the next WG15 meeting for review and comment.
9305-08 Open
9305-09 Done
9305-10 Open
9305-11 Open
9305-12 Done.  RGCPA 034
  9305-13 Open
2.2 JTC1, SC22, or WG15 actions affecting RGCPA

Draft 16 of P1003.0 is currently in IEEE ballot with a closing date of 93/11/08.  The SC22 meeting in Paris had some concern about Draft 16 and suggested that some cover letter should be attached.  The US SC22 delegate suggested holding distribution of Draft 16.

The RGCPA suggested that Draft 16.1 should be sent to SC22 for CD registration instead of Draft 15.  See resolution 9310-01.

2.3 Liaison Reports
SGFS There was a plenary meeting in Seoul where extension discussion was held on the contents of TR10000 Part 3.  There will be an authorized sub-group meeting, end 11/93, in Amsterdam where it is hoped that the issues involved with Part 3 will be resolved.
EWOS Working on a new ETG Profiling Methodology.  Willem Wakker will take over the SGFS Chair.
AOW No report
CCTA New director Roy Dibble.  Swedish OSE Handbook is still under review.  Waiting for a report on ODP and what CCTA should do about it.  The scope of UK GOSIP is being broadened away from OSI towards OSE.  Also working towards extending EPHOS towards OSE.  Producing a guide on X/Open XPG4.
2.4 X/Open
No report
No known activity
3    Project Activities
3.1 Issues List (RGCPA SD-2)
  The issues are all contained in the Isuues List (RGCPA SD-2) which is attached to these minutes.
3.2 SGFS - No activity
3.3 IEEE P1003.0 see resolution 9310-01.  Balloting deadline has been extended to 11/08.  It is currently 85% affirmative.  Public specifications are one of the issues which is still to beresolved along with some modelling questions.  The resolution of the recirculation ballot will take place at the January 1994 PASC meeting.  Draft 17 should be available around 4/94.
3.4 9945-1 Profile Action:  See resolution 9310-03
3.5 9945-2 Profile Action:  See resolution 9310-03
3.6 9945-3 Activities - No activity
3.7 Test Methods Issues:  Profile Considerations.
3.8 Preview of Anticipated Profiles:
4    New Business
4.1 Joint RGCPA and RIN Meeting
  There was a joint meeting between RGCPA and RIN to consider the action item 9305-52 (review N386 and report back to WG15).  N386 had not yet been distributed.  The document is "Guide to Writing National POSIX Profiles" and how to include National standards.  What National Bodies should do to generate National Body conformance to POSIX.  The final document would be a TR of about 200 pages.  Since it is such a large document, it should be surfaced as a NWI to SC22.  The new work proposal is N387.  There were minor changes made to N387.  RGCPA will support the submission of a NP (based on N387).  See resolution 9310-04.
4.2 Review of Action Item 9305-38
  Document N038 was produced to show the status of the RGCPA work items.
5    Review / Approval of Resolutions
The resolutions and action items were reviewed and approved and the resolutions passed for submission to the WG15 plenary.
6    Closing Process
6.1 Future Meetings
  The next meeting will be held in Spring 1994.
6.2 Document Number Assignment
  The document register is attached.
6.3 Agenda for Next Meeting
7    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 11:30 on 10/26/93.


RGCPA Action Items

9310-01 US Rapporteur to provide RGCPA a report of the options in FIPS 151-2
9310-02 Martin Kirk to request X/Open to provide a report of the options in XPG4 that relate to 9945-1:1990
9310-03 US Rapporteur to provide RGCPA with IEEE Profile documents for Review and Comment.
9310-04 French Rapporteur to advise RGCPA on the availability of an English version of the French Guide for Public Procurement, OSE Profiling Activity (N030)
9310-05 US Rapporteur to investigate the concern that the PSC Rules and TR10000 Part 1.3 Section 6.3.1 are apparently in conflict.
9310-06 US Rapporteur to determine status of the Annex of Options and Parameters in 9945-1.
9310-07 US Rapporteur to provide WG15/N344 (SGFS N755) to IEEE 1003.0 working group for their information
9310-08 US Rapporteur to request a presentation of P1003.10 for the October 1994 RGCPA meeting.
9310-09 UK Rapporteur to report on the status of the Framework for User Requirements (DISC) at the next meeting.

Attachment 1
RGCPA Attendance List
Whistler, October 1994
R. J. Elliott Germany
Kevin Lewis USA
P.Owens United Kingdom
A. Powell Canada
Fritz Schulz USA

Attachment 2
RGCPA Resolutions List
9310-01 P1003.0 CD Registration

Whereas Draft 16 of P1003.0 is in ballot recirculation within IEEE, and

Whereas WG15 RGCPA believes that the following proposed changes to Draft 16 will address the concerns raised by SC22:-

  • Title Changes to "Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment"

  • Change Section 3 "modify any unqualified use of the term OSE in this document to be qualified by the term POSIX, so that it reads POSIX OSE.".
Therefore WG15 RGCPA requests that the US development body submit the updated Draft 16 (16.1) if it can be produced in a timely manner, to SC22 for CD registration.  We further request that the US Member Body do everything possible to expedite the production of P1003.0 Draft 16.1.  If Draft 16.1 cannot be produced in a timely fashion then Draft 16 should be submitted with a cover letter explaining the changes that will be made.
9310-02 P1003.0 CD Registration

Whereas Draft 16 of P1003.0 has been forwarded to SGFS for information, and

Whereas WG15 RGCPA believes that the following proposed changes to Draft 16 will address the concerns raised by SC22:-

  • Title Changes to "Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment"

  • Change Section 3 "modify any unqualified use of the term OSE in this document to be qualified by the term POSIX, so that it reads POSIX OSE.".
Therefore WG15 RGCPA requests WG15 to forward a cover letter to SGFS explaining the changes as specified above.
9310-03 Use of Named Option

Whereas it may be required to allow optional behaviour within a standard, and

Whereas it must be possible for profiles to refer to these options by name, and

Whereas a WG15 resolution has been approved requiring all standards to include an Annex listing all options,

Therefore, RGCPA requests WG15 to request the US member body to report back on the status of the Option Annex.  RGCPA recommends that the number of options be limited to the absolute minimum and that if they are required then they be "named" options.

9310-04 WG15 Profiles

Whereas profiles, which only reference POSIX standards, are already under development within the US POSIX development body, and

Whereas it can be expected that these profiles soon will reach the state at which they can be registered as ISPs (POSIX ISPs), and

Whereas the procedures adopted by the US developing body and WG15 governing the development and adoption of POSIX base standards (ballot process, synchronization plan) can be applied to POSIX ISPs as well,

Therefore WG15 RGCPA requests WG15 to instruct the WG15 convener to ensure that

  • the development of POSIX ISPs is within the scope of WG15, and

  • NP proposals for POSIX ISPs will be developed and approved in close cooperation with SGFS and the regional workshops in areas of Profile identifiers, scope of the profile and taxonomy issues, and

  • SC22, in cooperation with SGFS, can and will administer the ballot for these POSIX ISPs.  It is understood that addtional procedures within SC22 and/or SGFS may be necessary.
9310-05 Review of N386

Whereas the work outlined in N386 is too substantial to be considered as an addition to "Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment", and

Whereas the expertise required to develop this document does not reside within the P1003.0 Working Group, and

Whereas including this work within the scope of P1003.0 at this point in time would seriously impact the progress of current document,

Therefore RGCPA supports the submittal of an NP to produce a TR titled "Guide to Writing National POSIX Profiles".

9310-06 Disposition of Comments for P1003.0

Whereas it is anticipated that the "Guide to the POSIX Open System Environment" will be submitted to SC22 for CD registration, and

Whereas international comments are expected from this registration ballot,

Therefore WG15 RGCPA requests WG15 to assign the work of reviewing the comments and the preparation of the disposition of comments to WG15 RGCPA.

9310-07 Thanks to Host

The WG15 RGCPA thanks the IEEE for hosting the RGCPA meeting.

9310-08 Thanks to Chair

The WG15 RGCPA thanks Mr. Arnie Powell for chairing the meeting.

9310-09 Thanks to Secretary

The WG15 RGCPA thanks Mr. Ron Elliott for acting as secretary for the meeting.

9310-10 Thanks to Drafting Committee

The WG15 RGCPA thanks Mr. Peter Owens, Mr. Kevin Lewis and Mr. Willem Wakker for participating on the drafting committee.

RGCPA Document List
 Date:  October 25, 1993
Doc# Document Title Date/distributed
1 TSG1 Final Report (Preliminary) 90/09 - 90/12/04
2 FIPS Publication 151-1 90/09 - 90/12/04
3 P1003.18/D3 POSIX Platform 90/09 - 90/12/04
4 EWOS Expert Group on Common Application Environment Interim Report 90/09 - 90/12/04
5 RGCPA Meeting Notice and Agenda 90/11/26 - 90/12/04
6 Minutes of WG15 Profile Coord. Ad Hoc Mtg.  (WG15 163) 91/06/03 - 92/01/13
7 Intro for the WG15 Profile Coord. Ad Hoc Mtg.  (WG15 166) 91/05/31 - 92/01/13
8 SGFS Report (WG15 N191) 91/08/19 - 92/01/13
9 Excerpts from proposed FIPS 151-2 91/12 - 92/01/13
10 Framework for User Requirements 91/12 - 92/03/20
11 Proposed Terms of Reference for RGCPA 92/01 - 92/03/20
12 TR10000-1.3 revision 91/12 - 92/03/20
13 SGFS Report (issues/results) 91/12 - 92/03/20
14 January 1992 RGCPA Minutes 92/01 - 92/03/20
15 PSC Standards Reference 91/12 - 92/03/20
16 PSC Summary of POSIX SP Efforts (P1003.0/D14) 91/12 - 92/03/20
17 IEEE TCOS Balloting Chart 92/03 - 92/03/20
18 X/Open's Response t "Required Interface Definitions" 91/10 - 92/03/20
19 RGCPA Meeting Notice and Agenda for Oct. 1992 92/10 - 92/10/23
20 Liaison Report on SGFS meeting June 1992 92/10 - 92/10/23
21 EWOS - Method for Developing and Documenting OSE Profiles 92/06/26 - 92/10/23
22 EWOS - The Documentation Structure for OSE Profiles 92/06/25 - 92/10/23
23 Minutes of RGCPA Meeting, Oct. 1992 92/10/24 - 92/11/02
24 RGCPA Agenda 93/05/10 - 93/05/11
25 PSC Policies and Guidelines:  SEC N0376 92/11/23
27 ISO/IEC SGFS N817 - TR10000-1.3 93/03/25
28 ISO/IEC SGFS N862 - Framework and Taxonomy of International Profiles 93/03/25
29 ISO/IEC SGFS - EWOS comments on Concepts of OSE 93/04/30
30 French Guide for Public Procurement (J-M Cornu) 93/04/28
31 Minutes of RGCPA Meeting, May 1993
32 Netherlands comments on draft 15 of P1003.0 93/04/09
33 Agenda for the RGCPA Annapolis meeting 93/05 - 93/07
34 RWS-TR001 Review 93/04/28 - 93/07
35 Minutes of RGCPA Meeting, October 1993
36 Liaison Statement SGFS N1024 93/09/16 - 93/10/25
37 Draft liaison statement to OIW on SGFS N1024 93/10/07 - 93/10/25
38 RGCPA Major Work Items in progress 93/10/26 - 93/10/26


OPEN Issues List

9105-02 What is the process for ensuring that user requirements are fully taken into account in profile harmonization

A paper from the UK (DISC) was used as basis for discussion (RGCPA N010).  It was suggested that everything be left to SGFS and RGCPA should concentrate on coordination, not investigation.  Action 9201.01 and 9201.04 raised to deal with forwarding N010.  No feedback received as of 9210 meeting.  Action 9310-09 raised.

Status:                    Open

9105-06 There are no standards for how standards should be subsetted.  The "no subsets allowed" principle established by SGFS may not be sufficient.

Reworded at 9201 meetign to read:
What approach, if any, is appropriate for subsetting of WG15 base standards.

PASC has an ad-hoc working on this subject to report back to PASC in 01/94.

Status:                    Open.

CLOSED Issues List
9105-01 Should this group take any action to influence the JTC1 work on organization?

Status:                    Closed by resolution 9105-04

9105-03 How can functional profiles be constructed in areas where standardization work is incomplete, and where there are insufficient standards fully to meet the user need.

Status:                    Closed at 9305 meeting.  Resolution 9210.03 (WG15 92-210 (WG15 N326) and action item 9210-49)

9105-04 Is there a hierarchy of standardization, in which ISO standards are used by everyone, and built upon by regional bodies, national bodies and user groups in order to meet local needs?

Status:                    Closed.  Passed to SGFS

9105-08 Is it permitted in a profile specification referring to WG15 standards to give a defintion to an option which in the standard was "implementation defined", "undefined", etc.

Status:                    Closed at 9305 meeting.  This is not allowed by TR10000 Part 1.

9201-10 Should profiles referring to WG15 standards also refer to OSI standards?

Status:                    Closed.  If appropriate then they will be referred to.

9105-05 There is no unifying framework for Application Environment profiles.  The lack of one makes standards profiling less effective, and harder, than it could be.

Status:                    Closed at 9310 meeting.  SGFS is doing the workk in this area.

9105-07 Should the use of named options be discouraged

Closed at 9105 meeting.

Revisited at 9201 meeting and reworded:
Should the use of named options in POSIX standards be encouraged

There is not sufficient information available at this time to make a recommendation to POSIX.  We feel that options should be discouraged but if they are there then they should be named options.

Status:                    Closed at 10/93 meeting.  See resolution 93/02.

9201-09 Is WG15 expecting to own any profiles, and if so how are they harmonized?

Reference in the 9201 minutes to Action Item 9102-20 (cannot be found)

Status:                    Closed at 9310 meeting.  Resolution 9305-01 was forwarded to WG15.  (WG15 Resolution 93-232).  See resolution 9310-03.


WG15 RGCPA Major Work Items
Progress Report

1.    Progression of P1003.0

Expected End Date: End 1994
Status: Reviewed drafts 15 & 16.  (Resolution 9310-01).

2. Coordination and Liaison with Organizations Developing Profiles

Expected End Date: End 1995
Status: Current liaisons with SGFS, Regional Workshops, EWOS, CCTA, NIST, P1003.0, IEEE PASC, X/Open.

Profiles are under development but none are yet completed.