JTC1/SC22/WG15 RGCPA N033 (07/08/93)

Meeting Notice and Draft Agenda

WG15 Rapporteur Group on the Coordination of Profile Activities

Time of Meeting
Annapolis USA
October 25 - 29, 1993
9:00 AM

1. Opening of Meeting
1.1 Welcome from Host
1.2 Introduction and Roll Call of Rapporteurs and Observers
1.3 Selection of Secretary and Drafting Committee
1.4 Adoption of Agenda
1.5 Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes
2. Administration, Status, Liaison, and Action Item Reports
2.1 Action Item Reports/Review (Written Reports Preferred)
2.2 JTC1, SC22, or WG15 Actions affecting RGCPA
2.3 Liaison Reports (Written Reports Preferred)
SGFS Andrew Walker
EWOS Willem Wakker
AOW N. Saito
CCTA Don Folland
  2.4 Participant Reports (Written Reports Preferred)    
3.0 Project Activities
3.1 Issues List Lead Rapporteur
3.2 Review of SGFS Recommendations/Actions
3.3 IEEE P1003.0 Progress
(TR Guide to POSIX OSE: Review and Recommendations)
3.4 9945-1 Profile Activities
Annex of 9945-1 Options and Parameters
Recommendations for Coordinated Usage
3.5 9945-2 Profile Activities
Annex of 9945-2 Options and Parameters
Recommendations for Coordinated Usage
3.6 9945-3 Profile Activities
3.7 Test Method Issues: Profile Considerations
3.8 Preview of Anticipated Profiles
4.0 New Business
5.0 Review/Approval of Resolutions, Action Items, and Issues List
5.1 Resolutions Drafting Committee
5.2 Action Items Secretary
5.3 Issues List Lead Rapporteur
6.0 Closing Process
6.1 Future Meeting Considerations
6.2 Document Number Assignment
6.3 Agenda for Next Meeting
6.4 Thanks to Host
7.0 Adjournment