Canadian Action Item Report

July 22, 1999

9901-08 All Member Bodies to review and Comment on N768 (LIS Techniques) by August 1. (rolled over from 9804-24) -- OPEN (comments received from all but US, remains open for US input).

CLOSED. Canada's response is in N772.

9901-16 All Member Bodies -- Nominate candidates for membership in the REV Rapporteur Group.

CLOSED. Canada nominates David Blackwood and Glenn Seeds for the REV Rapporteur Group but notes that neither nominee is likely to be able to attend meetings in person and may participate via email only.

9901-17 All Member Bodies -- Nominate candidates for membership in the RPC Rapporteur Group.

CLOSED. Canada has no further nominees for the RPC Rapporteur Group beyond the Lead Rapporteur, David Blackwood.

9901-18 All Member Bodies -- Review FCD 14651 (SC22 N2844) on sorting, and FCD 14652 (SC22 N2869) on cultural conventions (locales), and submit comments by 1 April 1999 to the WG20 Liaison (Keld).

CLOSED. Canadas comments were provided directly to WG20 via its own liaison to WG20.

Additional comments:

Canada notes once again that the work of the joint P1494/ISO 14766 National Profiles and Locales groups is not progressing as quickly as it should because no meeting of P1494 group has been called since July 1997. Although Canada requested that the US member body have the US development body reserve a room and call a meeting of P1494 working group for the two days immediately preceding our next jointly located PASC/WG15 meeting, notice of the meeting was not send out until one week before the meeting date. Consequently only one attendee turned up. Canada also notes that despite a request that the US development body provide electronic copies of the latest available text of the .18 and .23 working groups to the joint working group for possible use in the P1494/ISO 14766 document, this also has not yet been done.