Moving WG15 distributions to 100% online

Subject: (SC22WG15.1084) Moving WG15 distributions to 100% online
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 1997 10:27:21 -0400

WG15 members, attached are two HTML documents:
SC22 N2512 = JTC1 N4761 JTC1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution using the world wide web.
SC22 N2513 = JTC1 N4769 JTC1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution using Diskettes and E-Mail

These will also be posted on our web site (Keld! :^) )

Be aware of the following implications (which apply to SC22, but I suggest we consider these as the norm for WG15 as well):

All materials are to be distributed electronically (no more paper)
Acceptable formats:

MS Word (2-7)
WordPerfect (5.1-7)
Plain DOS Text file w/8859-1
HTML 2.0 or 3.2
PDF v3.0
Rich text format (RTF)

1- National body submissions and comments need to be submitted in electronic form (all SC22 inputs will be web posted) This includes ballot responses, reports, proposals.

2- All convener and liasion reports must be submitted electronically.

3- All WD distribution to SC22 (as well as CD/PDAM, DIS/DAM) must be posted on the web in one of the approved formats above.

[U.S. & Project Editors: will you be able to provide draft documents in one of the formats indicated (PDF at least?)]

Currently the requirement is on materials going into SC22 and higher; however we may wish to adopt a similar policy for WG15 work. Here is an outline of how we might do this:

a. documents for distribution to WG15 are sent by email to the WG15 list (in one of the approved formats), with a request to the convener to "post as a WG15 document".

b. Convener, or designee, will assign a WG15 number, and add the applicable cover sheet information, and provide it to the WG15 webmaster for posting.

c. Every 50 documents, a document register will be distributed with the number, title, and a hot link URL via email.

d. Agenda documents will be augmented with hot links to documents posted 2 weeks prior to the meeting.

e. electronic ballots will be distributed with hot links to related documents.
(hot links to appropriate documents are encouraged in all WG15 email and submissions)

Are the guidelines a-e acceptable to all WG15 members? ... I suggest we discuss this and see if we can come to a conclusion at the Oct. meeting.


Jim Isaak
Internet Practices Standards Study Group: