9510-03 Canada to check its view of the status of the 'reorder-after' issue at the request of Denmark, and to report back to the next WG15 meeting.

Closed. The functionality of reorder-after can be accomplished within the current standard using existing POSIX tools. However WG20 in Canada does support this requirement in order for non-POSIX conformant systems that lack such tools to be able to make use of POSIX locales.

9510-08 Rapporteurs to review and respond to the parts of N158 which address the LC_COLLATE proposal, with specific attention to whether it can be resolved by changes only to the localdef specification, or whether changes to the API are required in order to handle the proposed localdef extension.

Closed. The required functionality could be accomplished within the existing standard by implementing multiple locales, one for each sequence of weights. While Canada recognizes Japan's need for this enhancement, changes to the API are likely to be required and the proposal requires additional work. For example, no mechanism was included to determine which collating-symbols belong to which collation weights. It is our opinion that this work should be deferred to a future amendment.

9510-10 Rapporteurs to review and respond to the Japanese proposal for LC_CTYPE extension for locale-specific character mapping in N158.

Closed. It is our conclusion that we could not respond to this action item without first reviewing the ISO C Standard amendment. However, on the basis of the limited information presented we have no objection but do recommend that this be deferred to a future 9945-2 amendment.

Additional Comments:

Attached is Canada's response to previous submissions on the Impact of ISO/IEC 10646 on POSIX.

Canada proposes to host the October 1997 meeting during the week of October 20 - 24 at the Transport Canada Training Institute in Cornwall, Ontario.