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Welcome to the Entirely Unofficial ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG15 (POSIX) WG's 'Web page, facilities for which are generously provided by the University of Exeter

UK input to WG15 is managed by the BSI's IST/5/-/15 (POSIX) Panel. Any UK resident interested in taking part should contact the Panel convener for details.

WG15's email archive is maintained by the Danish Member Body, and can be found here.

This Document Source is intended for the use of WG15 members, though its use is not restricted to those Member Bodies - comments on the content of these pages are welcome from anyone - note however that this Source is not a definitive reference; where any differences exist between documents on these pages and those published by ISO JTC1, ISO JTC1/SC22, ISO JTC1/SC22/WG15 or the IEEE, documents published by those authorities should be regarded as definitive - not these.

All users of these pages should note that the content of many of these pages is copyright, and unauthorised copying and distribution is an infringement of that copyright. Please contact the author of the document in question, or the Working Group if you wish to further distribute any of these materials.

Not all the WG15 documents are available electronically - ISO and IEEE copyrights are two reasons for this, the size of some of the documents is another.

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