Sequence dances

Interspersed with the ballroom and latin dances, which in the main part form the evening's dancing, are a few of the well-known sequence dances, as selected by the membership via periodic surveys. There are usually four sequence dances in the first part of the evening's programme and four in the second part. Occasionally musicians play other old-time and modern sequence dances

Frequently enjoyed
The Balmoral Blues
The Carribbean Calypso
The Catherine Waltz
The Emmerdale Waltz
The Mambo Magic
The Mayfair Quickstep
The Melody Foxtrot
The Queen of Hearts Rumba
The Rumba Number One
The Saunter Together
The Sally Ann Cha Cha Cha
The Sindy Swing
The Square Tango
The Sweet Bay Salsa
The Tango Serida
Occasionally enjoyed
The Alpine Stroll
The Lilac Waltz
The St Bernard's Waltz
The Viennese Swing

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