Constitution and rules


To bring together all those who like Ballroom Dancing.


As far as possible to conform to accepted practices as regards Clubs with a financial year from 1st January to 31st December each year with accounts scrutinised as soon as possible for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by any paid up Member providing their motion is stated in writing and supported by a minimum of 15 paid up Members.
At either an AGM or an EGM, voting will be by a show of hands with one person having one vote.


The Committee will comprise a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Social Secretary and as many Committee Members or Co-opted Members as required. The Committee will meet on a regular basis to transact any business arising and will report to the Members at the Annual General Meeting.
The Committee is authorised to make arrangements for the Club to have banking facilities. All cheques drawn must be signed by both the Treasurer and Secretary. Public announcements, advertisements or media contact will require prior approval by the Committee.

The Treasurer will keep appropriate records and vouchers of all income and expenditure so as to provide an up to date financial report of the Club's financial state of affairs at each Committee Meeting.
The Treasurer will present the Annual Statement of Accounts at the Annual General Meeting for approval.
The Treasurer is authorised to hold an appropriate Petty Cash Float as agreed by the Committee.

The Secretary will keep a record of all meetings for presentation at the next meeting and if approved, and confirmed by the Chairperson's signature, the record will be kept in the Minutes File.
The Secretary will also maintain a record of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of all current Members. The Secretary and Treasurer will liaise to ensure the membership records are correct and up-to-date. The contents of all such records shall remain confidential at all times.

The Social Secretary is empowered to arrange functions at suitable intervals subject to prior approval by the Committee.

Draft No 2 15.11.16

Tiverton Ballroom Dancers' Club
Updated 17:22 Saturday 10th December 2016