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The Tiverton Ballroom Dancer's Club is run for the benefit of its members.
A copy of the Club's Constitution is available upon request from the Club's Secretary.

The Committee wishes to hear from all members with their thoughts about any aspect of the Club's affairs, including details about dance evenings and the way they are presented. Any suggestions that are expressed to Officers of the Committee will be considered and, if thought fit, adopted.

The Club wishes to maintain an active and supportive membership, that helps to promote its activities and interests in ballroom dancing. All members are asked to take opportunities, as they arise, to tell prospective new members about the Club and introduce them to its activities.

The Committee is elected at the Annual General meeting in January and serves for one year.

Committee Members 2020

Chair: Mr Michael Kirby
Secretary: Mrs Sheila Kirby
Treasurer: Mr David Roughton
Social Secretary: Mrs Joan Kelly
Ordinary members: Mrs Jenny Tuckett
Co-opted members:


To be announced

Past Officials

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